Xu Qian the pros and cons of several Q & a website promotion

some time ago I do tourism and catering this promotion, at first I mainly do the search engine traffic flow, do to promote the tourism and catering through the long term, because these two kinds of catering and tourism industry to promote the business too much, even if I have a good many long tail word ranking match 10 a former Baidu promotion page, oh, let us do the long tail words to flow to the industry.

later on the Internet to see Peng Hongwei wrote an article: Q & a website promotion skills and process, he this article, several common question are listed, but also to the techniques process also written in great detail, is a very suitable for beginners to practice the article, we have time to look at.

had used the station promotion, only occasionally in the post asked, the system did not go to, then I see him in this article, the system with his way on the quiz website to register several ID number, and the official use of this question to answer the station to promote my travel and advantage the two catering industry promotion. Here is that I have a few articles website promotion of the pros and cons of the conclusion, if you have other experience can add thread. Ha ha!

1, Baidu know

Since the beginning of the question and answer to do

promotion, I think most of the use of Baidu know it! Baidu know advantages: stand Baidu own weight, the post is very high ranking, popularity is very high. Disadvantages: easy blocked should pay attention to the popularization of techniques and methods, a section of your URL sealing the promotion for you will come to naught, after very difficult in this promotion. Can only wait for it when the mood is good.

2, Tencent asked

has a number of QQ number is still good, the direct use of the QQ number as a ID promotion, advantages: popularity is relatively prosperous, the general issue of the problem will soon have enthusiastic users to participate in the reply. Disadvantages: every day can also ask two questions or a deducted 10 points, even I can only ask a question, ask more buckles points.

answered: 100% this note, smart users will find the question and answer, the answer can not only when he returned to the other the best answer to the question.

3, Tianya Q & a

question and answer promotion conclusion: slightly less than the Tencent search popularity, but also a platform for the promotion of good answers also solve problems quickly. Note: IP address shows that some users will see the question IP and answer IP is the same IP address, we answer the use of different IP more appropriate.

4, Sina asked

Sina asked questions promotion conclusion: popularity than the above inquiry platform, personal feeling questions promotion effect is not obvious.

5, YAHOO knowledge hall

YAHOO knowledge hall Q & a promotion conclusions: personal feeling bad, in

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