Double 11 rush important tips automatic spike appeared hundred grab one hundred

this year, ready to grab 11 double what is overseas products, or the new digital products, however, with the advent of the double of the year, this year’s double – 11 new ways to buy a new game have also appeared in the 11. Tmall electric car can pre-sale, first entered the ranks of many users for panic buying, but, in the sight to panic buying goods at the same time, how to solve the excessive number of panic buying, grab, not a matter of seconds has once again become the focus of. In another battle, the browser vendors seem to have not been idle, have launched a double 11 panic buying function, while Baidu browser is the first launch of double 11 "automatic seckill" function, so users have new ways to double 11 more times this year’s shopping.

this year 11 Taobao is indeed a lot of new things, the first time will be Tmall, Taobao, aliexpress all fusion, and the introduction of overseas commodity sale, panic buying cars and so on, with star interactive power assisted red, Tmall treasure, is to let a lot of people ready to continue shopping a netizen. But for Taobao given a variety of tricks play, many users still have doubts, the first question is how to be able to buy more easily spike success



Baidu browser official website has been able to download a special version of the 11 double browser

, however, this problem has been found by many netizens solution. Currently, micro-blog, a lot of friends in the latest pre-sale information to share Taobao, but also in the discussion of the "spike king" software features. Reporter survey found that this is a new feature Baidu browser plug-in, its core function is full automatic spike". In particular, the timing spike function, can be scheduled by Baidu browser, to the time of the automatic spike grab goods, do not need to stay up late waiting for the beginning of the spike. "Last year, played a similar small software, but not properly used, the Baidu must be equipped with the device, do not stay up late can spike, think about the cool." Micro-blog users @ elephant 4P1 in the discussion on the topic of Taobao double 11.

in this regard, the reporter landing Baidu browser official website found that in October 28th, Baidu launched the "11 browser for the double panic buying special edition", and this new version of the browser in addition to concern most users timed seckill function, intelligence also has 180 day parity price trend, let netizen glance understand whether the goods are real promotion, at the same time the price of goods has also issued a reminder function. In addition, the software also has a large data support Baidu exclusive real-time logistics consulting services. So, from the purchase price comparison, reminder, to spike, as well as the final Express query, this new version of Baidu browser has been able to step in place.


business experts said that from the previous two 11 data, a large number of users on the double 11 panic buying experience showed a downward trend, the reason is because on the one hand, commodity promotion is more familiar, the aesthetic fatigue caused by the lack of interest.

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