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1 in the cloud network will be the huge loss of 680 million "hat"  

experienced 28 risk warning notice, in section cloud network yesterday announced that due to two consecutive years of losses, the company stock name will be "hat", renamed "*ST network".

The annual report shows the cloud network in

, 2014 loss of 680 million yuan, net assets of -8641.8 million, two consecutive years of losses. In April 29th, the cloud network announced that the company stock since April 30th from the implementation of the delisting risk warning, stock referred to by the branch cloud network changed to *ST network".

2 into the capital in 20 months, "the godfather" Tencent to Sogou search brought what?  

September 16, 2013, Sogou is a memorable day. On this day, Sohu and Sogou and Tencent jointly announced a strategic cooperation:

Tencent Sogou to inject $440 million, and then get fully diluted Sogou shares of 36.5%, the proportion will increase to about 40% in the short term.

for the sale of shares to the Tencent, Sogou qindie Zhang Zhaoyang did not forget to slip a few words: "of course is the most successful Tencent Chinese, the largest Internet Co, its resources are very rich, Sogou to continue independent development, Tencent social network and user resources will bring substantial support to sogou."

20 months later, Tencent’s support actually achieved it?

For the

3 line supermarket, Alipay and WeChat to pay and turned on  


recently, Alipay and WeChat wallet payment line supermarket battle intensified, the two have resorted to the subsidy killer, not only is the domestic supermarket chains to access Alipay or WeChat to pay, such as Carrefour this international chain giant also catch up with the trend.

interesting is that Alipay and WeChat have recently paid Carrefour as "VIP client", while Carrefour also said one less, two payment should be used.

4 Microsoft new browser named Microsoft Edge protection CN domain name  

news April 30th, Beijing time this morning, at the Microsoft Developer Conference Build 2015, Microsoft announced the code Project Spartan browser officially named, "Microsoft Edge". The relevant domain name has been registered prior to domestic investors.

Microsoft Edge interface is relatively simple, allowing users to enter notes on the page, to share with others, the browser built Microsoft small Na (Cortana), to interact with the user. The browser can also support Google browser >

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