A5 webmaster network mobile version 2 formally launched domain name m admin5 com

November 5, 2015, A5 Adsense network mobile version 2 formally launched, the domain name is: http://s.m.admin5.com. From now on you can visit the A5 webmaster network anytime, anywhere, as long as there is a network, A5 webmaster network will be around you.


A5 webmaster mobile phone version of the overall style is simple and fresh, the first time to read the article A5 webmaster network, covering: entrepreneurship, mobile, webmasters, electricity providers, etc..

below briefly introduced the A5 webmaster network mobile version:

one, we directly enter the phone browser m.admin5.com, you can access to the A5 webmaster network phone version.

two, home page, the main show 3 slides, 3 headlines, the latest information. The latest information list is the main business, mobile, Adsense, electricity supplier channel article.

three, the total navigation on the right side, a direct channel, column.

four, channel, column page, the default display of 20 information, click the load more, you can display more information.


five, later, gradually increase advertising, of course, advertising will not be too much to consider the loading speed of the page. We always firmly believe that: do not consider profitable website is not a good site.

A5 mobile phone version of the line network owners rush, technology development test only spent less than 10 days, there is certainly a lot of bug, welcome everyone to catch insects, there will be a red envelope reward oh. My WeChat: 9600918, welcome WeChat feedback bug, red envelopes are ready.

Author: Tang Shijun, general manager of A5 webmaster network, WeChat QQ:9600918.

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