Re read the return of the times the editor died the contents of eternal life

Abstract: new media pioneer savage era has ended, good money drives out bad is the natural reason, heavy regression has presented an irreversible trend of reading. In the new media age, the editor died, and the value will be eternal.


At the very beginning of the

, we first explain what is "re reading" so that the reader has a clear understanding of what we are talking about.

first of all, we should clear the heavy nature of reading or reading, absolute distance and light reading does not accord with some characteristics of reading itself, such as the basic purpose of reading is to obtain information. And "re reading" and "light reading" in common, but led to the difficult to distinguish strictly, but in fact very different characteristics and the impact.

we can use Shannon to explain the definition of information in the information theory — "information is the description of the uncertainty of the state of motion or the way of existence". Shannon’s definition of information will be completely objective and probability, but we all know that "one year spent similar, each year is different, the same value of information for different people are different, that is from information to value there is a layer of conversion, and the reader to obtain the final value or. CuriosityChina according to the results of the 2015 Tencent report on 2015 WeChat user data analysis results are clearly reflected in this feature:


can be seen in order to facilitate the acquisition of life or learning knowledge for the purpose of the purpose of the use of public numbers accounted for the vast majority.

that is what led to the light reading and reading different? The answer is obvious, if the WeChat as an example, the amount of information is in an article, or more precisely, how much value. This difference is presented in a completely different form of the two articles, light reading is typical of entertainment gossip, the soul of chicken soup, while reading is close to the surging or elephant guild".

Less value

light reading, so the article is brief, dependent on lurid headlines and other ways to spread; reading on the contrary, a good article ranging from a few thousand words, many tens of thousands of words, reading an article need to invest considerable time and even repeated reading, this is not explained to believe in fragmentation theory, but in fact it is fragmentation resulting in the "new" reading forms, which we will be further explained in the second part of the "price relationship" in reading. Now, let’s take a look at the "return" of the re reading era, and then analyze the reasons.

regression in the era of re reading

‘s "return" to describe the arrival of the era of re reading is appropriate, because in the history of human civilization has occurred, reading has been >

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