From the explosion to the bottom of the Red nternet products roller coaster game

is a U.S. startups color acquisition rumors will once again into public view, according to the purchase of the Apple Corp will be a photo sharing application, then there are media reports that Apple’s acquisition of color’s R & D team.

regardless of whether the news is true or not, color scenery is no longer an indisputable fact. From the explosion of red to trough, color becomes an excellent Internet products fall case.

is an Internet or mobile Internet products as an entertainment star, overnight large purple red, may also silently weave in the. From large to large, Internet products like playing roller coaster game, looking at home and abroad, this story also has far from happy net, meet the eye everywhere, near light blog, attendance, private social red, too fast, basically fall quickly.

famous early color


it is necessary to review the story of color. Color became famous very early, early product has not been on the line has been known, in 2011, color announced the acquisition of start-up companies from Sequoia Capital, Bain Capital and Silicon Valley banks totaled $41 million investment, immediately attracted domestic and foreign venture capital circles attention, when its product has not been on the line.

color is a famous boy child star, not out of work, have won awards. Fame is too early is a good thing is a bad thing, the spotlight for its first batch of users, but also brought a lot of doubt. The end result is that the color is not mature products eventually failed to detonate the wave of innovation as people expect, but criticized and questioned, and then gradually forgotten.

until this year, the negative news about color continue to spread, only to be remembered again: CEO long vacation, closed and the acquisition of news continues, the product transformation is not optimistic……

The application of

not to mention similar "push map" to imitate color, basically become cannon fodder.

star and I guess you draw "



social game "I guess you draw" (DrawSomething) was hot in March this year, especially the high streets and back lanes, OMGPOP Zynga to $180 million after the acquisition, the domestic and foreign large and small media and many people in the industry analysis of the article writing.

but the dream is not long, "I guess you draw" the active users since acquisition of 14 million 600 thousand has dropped to 10 million in May, now only 1 million 900 thousand. Zynga in the third quarter, raised $85 million to $95 million in asset impairment losses, the embarrassing situation so that Zynga may not be >

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