Secrets of the marketing manager 5 conditions for new products to be successful


goods from listing to successful sales, divided into traditional thinking and digital thinking.

traditional marketing approach is like this:

generally traditional producers when the new listing, which is in the A stage, usually our highest price, this is when we earn the most high profits, but also for consumers to establish a high threshold, only a small part of the height of the zealots will at all costs to obtain new goods.

next, with time and visibility, the distribution path forward, began to produce promotional and advertising, early users began to accept, at this time if the correct marketing strategy, have the opportunity to cross the tipping point, enter the mass consumer market is B, then we can also enjoy a certain profit. But after a while regression of market competition, cools and the power of advertising based on marketing, then came to the C point, usually in the clearing discount attack the last paragraph of the market, when consumers enter the threshold (buy) your merchandise at the lowest stage.


digital marketing from the Internet era is just the opposite:

market new products, with a very low threshold to attract the large number of consumers, even to the free degree, the best example is our mobile phone in APP, the current mainstream is free to download for you to use, this time at D stage, most people in this stage without further payment we will, but by the customer and consumer behavior in E analysis, interactive feedback in consumer loyalty can be super F point source in mining.

is a lightweight E consumers in the consumer, after D is completely free (or cheap) we use goods or services through the D point of the cumulative consumer will produce E consumers, he will buy real goods or services, while E consumers will produce F super consumers and they are your brand loyal fans, like the A and the consumer, you must give the F point of the consumer experience, such as the one and only, meet with special privileges such as company president (for the A point of the consumer is new, exclusive, only A consumers first, if you have) given F points the consumer experience strategy is successful, they will contribute the largest share of the interests of enterprises.



problem is coming…

the first 1% loyal customers? Do you have any mistake, we will starve to death.

there are two answers to this question, one is the population of 7 billion of the population of 70 million, the market is enough


two if you are only in Taiwan, the target customer is only 10 million people, there are also 100 thousand people, if the people of each of the 100 thousand people with you to buy $10 thousand of goods or

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