Pat secret Amoy line generation operators in a nice hobble

[Reuters] before the date of the state power, an insider revealed to billion state power network, early in June this year, the new pat privately met with dozens of major Taobao generation operators, for a short exchange, and invite these service providers to pat Network Open B stores. But after three months of operation, there are generation operators Tucao, Jingdong group pointed out two kinds of proprietary and open attitude to the development direction of indecisive, so many businesses caught in a dilemma situation.

said the above, there are dozens of Amoy generation operators involved in most categories are involved in the secret negotiations".

it is reported that the new pat on behalf of the Department of communication and scouring the short communication, the main idea of the two points: the practice of small and beautiful strategy, and make sure the business to make money. A generation of operators, said: pat Network is the reason why the second point of view, mainly due to a lot of businesses, said Tmall and Taobao platform does not make money in the beginning. Pat Network hopes to provide a large number of free flow of the way, so that businesses profit, in order to attract everyone settled."

the operator explained that the introduction of the concept of Jingdong B shop pat Network, as a new open platform, a large number of brand companies need to provide services on behalf of the quality of operators. This and the generation of operators to communicate in order to promote the rapid development of pat Network open platform business, and has a strong competitive edge. At the same time, with the help of the early generation of operators to quickly enrich the product and category, the introduction of brand."

pat Network choose both operators and brands from two directions, respectively, and the two sides of the communication, in order to expand the scale, so brands and new generation operators believe pat can has become a potential sales channels, and cooperate with each other. But part of the operator in the communication will be over, the feeling of the new pat on their own resources are not fully combed, it is difficult to make rational use of the formation of an effective closed loop.

For example,

, the new generation of the new generation of dealers to pat on the official can be announced in July the next step of the specific strategy, but as of now, the new pat did not announce any strategy. After that meeting, basically in a dormant state. Now it seems that the Jingdong group before showing to pat attention to attitude, just show to see Tencent." There are generations of operators speculated that this may have a strong relationship with the group’s strategic deployment of Liu Qiangdong, before the exposure of the internal speech of Liu Qiangdong stressed the importance of self."

behalf of the operator pointed out that, although the new pat as an independent platform for business operators, but in the whole group’s traffic distribution system will be self conflict and Jingdong.

new seven day CEO Zuo Yingjie also said that now the generation of operators and brands are in the future of Jingdong group is measured to self operated business, or to open platform business based. Many generations of operators due to the direction of the development of Jingdong’s swing, has been a daunting, dilemma. Liu Qiangdong has been concerned about self, and good at heavy capital operation. From the analysis of the current situation, the flow provided by Tencent

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