Adsense network broadcast Sogou 360 outbreak of Ctrip hand war


1 vertical electricity supplier in the end where the dilemma of whether across the gap

A few days ago to see

, an article entitled "vertical supplier can" crossing the chasm ", to the point of view, such as the author said some of the sub categories, there is the size of the ceiling, the future should pay attention to brand building. But there are also some beg to differ: vertical electric providers dilemma, such as the source, more depth and breadth in online shopping is not enough.

2 who is the kidnapping of Internet users rogue Sogou 360 outbreak of mid autumn war

Beijing, September (Xinhua) 22 for the Chinese Internet, the Mid Autumn Festival in 2013 and no peace of mind. Just get Tencent (410.2, 7.80, real-time quotes) injection of Sogou, and had nearly a marriage between the 360, the outbreak of a war of words in the war between the 1.94%.

Sogou claimed 360 in the case of the user’s knowledge, the default settings Sogou browser users will be changed to IE or 360 browser, unfair competition behavior. While 360 expect to upgrade and update the Sogou input method thesaurus as an excuse, a large scale induced bundled browser behavior, 360 to prompt the user to induce bundling Sogou legitimate behavior. For a time, similar to the 3Q war clouds once again enveloped the autumn night, once again faced with the choice of Internet users.

3 video circle in September last wave conference: Phoenix video and music TV respectively to what’s happening with


September conference: September 23rd, war aftermath still unfinished Phoenix video and music will be held a press conference. Here, we do some brief analysis of existing information.

4 "tuhao gold sales outstanding" is not a serious shortage of supply caused by its popular

iPhone 5S has been highly anticipated in September 20th local time officially on sale, this is equipped with a A7 processor chip and fingerprint identification system by a new machine will be listed on the consumer frenzy, which led directly to the so-called tyrant gold version of the model in many of the world’s retail channels at the sold out.

in fact, these tyrant models not only sold out so simple, but many retailers had never got the colors. According to the United States well-known apple news media Cult of Mac reported that Apple’s flagship store in San Francisco, the first day of the release of the golden iPhone 5S inventory is only 20. At the same time, the apple store in New York’s Manhattan area took only 20 minutes to sell out all the golden iPhone 5S. In Arizona Da Zhou popular Apple’s flagship store is more tragic, because they were only assigned to the 5 golden iPhone quota.

5.Soso’s failure, why do two rich generation nouveau riche.

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