Zhejiang double room computer telecommunications P was sealed

webmaster network on February 21st 22 points: nationwide remediation vulgar content of the Internet, Zhejiang double room due to the presence of some of the company’s server vulgar information, resulting in a large number of computer room IP segment was closed.

According to the

room that has more than and 20 IDC companies nearly 1000 IP server is closed. Including itbear and other famous sites are not normal access.

(more than a flat-share server website screenshot is the latest news bulletin)Double room

Zhejiang Telecom was seized is continued Sichuan Leshan telecommunications room block was investigated, Fuzhou Telecom closed nearly 300 servers after another telecommunications room checked incident, relevant departments face policies across the board, in addition to anger is helpless. Stationmaster net once again remind the webmaster friends, very beautiful pictures during the temptation class website, passion video website, body art such as edge ball as close as possible to the website, the website can do backup weekly backup to local time server in case of a problem can be timely transfer of content to other local backup.

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