Taobao strict control coupon marketing CRM service providers were castrated


] August 6th news billion state power network, the mobile phone users, "unsuccessful" ban, Taobao and punch, since August 12th, Taobao will limit the amount of coupons, from every moment of millions of magnitude reduced to limited 16 thousand a day, then the seller marketing behavior regulation.

according to the clues provided by the seller, Taobao this round of adjustment mainly for three aspects:

1 to send the number of users to send a number of Taobao (buyer nickname) fell from 100 to 20;

2 seller limited the total amount of coupons issued by the third party service provider (ISV) to 16000 per day, consistent with the official tool;

3 API security level changed from W1 to W2.

marketing service providers face scrap

No one doubts that Taobao

consolidation service provider market in the beginning of the heart, but the Taobao deal turned out to be taken by surprise many sellers on the other hand, the "hit" the coupons as the main marketing service provider CRM.

revised Taobao coupon policy

from the policy aimed at target, the main set, is the number of coupons are firmly in control in the 1.6 picture. According to the feedback of service providers and sellers, usually, the coupon is far more than this number in the application of all kinds of big promotion, especially in the "annual marketing node double 11 this, coupons market brings significant lethality.

sent millions of coupon double 11 day, according to the current limit requirements, issued 1 days to send more than 10 thousand, more than and 100 days to cover the customer base, achieve marketing results, which is equivalent to talk nonsense! "Businesses are tucao.

and from the service provider level, especially in order to send bulk class CRM provider, is almost facing the risk of scrap.

originally ISV can be timed or triggered by events to send coupons to old customers, that is, when to send us to control." Service providers pointed out that under the new regulations, the seller must be authorized within 30 minutes after the coupon can be sent, if more than 30 minutes can not use coupons marketing.

limit the number of coupons can not cure this

in the service provider, Taobao by defining coupons to purify the market is not very reasonable, and "piecemeal" moves slightly clumsy.

a large CRM service providers pointed out that the current market does exist a lot of non-standard marketing tools. There are claiming to be the most powerful artifact 2014 Taobao software, can be directly added to any member of the purchase management system, and unlimited coupons issued. Some unscrupulous sellers to exploit this vulnerability, after the simulation submitted, will be included in the membership of the stranger system, by the coupon mass function to recruit new members.

however, the latest decision on Taobao, Service >

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