Luxury website encounter bottlenecks supply integrity and after sale protection


luxury web site called on the verge of collapse

– the new express reporter Zhang Yi

a staff pay talks event, so that the market once again realized the advent of e-commerce winter, the protagonist has become a luxury site by the group buying site.

December 5th, luxury electric providers website Huha network was hacked, open the web page "my hard-earned money" Popup page, then the site was on the verge of collapse of the news. Yesterday, the reporter visited the web page when the call, the web page can be a normal visit, but the goods have been off the shelf, customer service phone is in the state of no answer.

luxury website outbreak has emerged. Industry experts said the luxury electricity supplier is facing the problem of e-commerce and other industries in addition to the common problems of the bubble, supply, integrity, after-sales protection, etc. are the development of the industry.

luxury website bottlenecks: supply, integrity and after-sale protection

"Huha network to luxury online shopping poured a pot of cold water, should see luxury online shopping has great potential, but there are a lot of hidden." China Electronic Commerce Research Center analyst Mo Daiqing accept the new express reporter interview, said. Supply, integrity, payment security, after-sales service, etc. are plagued by luxury electricity providers.

bottleneck 1 supply channels narrow small

as a luxury website, the brand particularity of its sources, narrow supply channels, small size of goods destined for its development will be limited. At the same time, luxury electricity providers can not have the same bargaining power and traditional businesses, brands do not recognize luxury online shopping.

insiders pointed out that many luxury website is to find buyers purchasing abroad, in the official website to order or buy discount style, or from foreign wholesalers purchase, the volume is stable.

thus, in view of these situations, domestic walking luxury goods business serves network (micro-blog) from professional luxury goods to the Volkswagen brand. The opening of the luxury Channel also said that the size of the sale of luxury goods accounted for less than 20% of the overall sales. spokesman Su Simin on express reporter said that the development of the channel is also subject to less volume, less supply to find style. "The whole industry is so." Su Simin exclaimed: compared with the public brand, luxury brands are not many. The goods under each brand will not be as large as mass brands. A 1000 piece, this impossible. So there is no big cake brands."

Mo Daiqing said that due to the high threshold of luxury goods, if you want to maintain the stability of the supply, then, the site must have a large foreign department store or a partnership with well-known brands.

bottleneck 2 website integrity to be upgraded

goods of unknown origin and instability of supply, the consumer online shopping luxury and therefore larger.

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