Nursing resources will not be able to move into the next gold mine

care resources will not become the next gold mine mobile medical



for a long time, the mobile medical entrepreneurship are around the medical launched. Whether outpatient or inpatient, doctors in the entire medical service system which seems to be in a more central position. From the perspective of the patient as a user, the end point of demand seems to focus on the doctor.

so, the initial rise of mobile medicine in the past few years, the doctor who has the world, and even become a very popular view.

but now people are forced to be calmer. Reasons include many aspects, such as a lot of restrictions by the policy, the doctor itself is very difficult, and even if the platform really accumulated a doctor, Zheng (money) seems to be still very far away.

in the face of this bottleneck, mobile medical industry in the past this year continued to occur in different directions of the transformation, such as some companies adhere to explore the road of commercialization, like trying to introduce insurance, some are trying some new areas, such as we have combed the Internet system of traditional Chinese medicine.

with the doctor of traditional Chinese medicine case, care also had relatively unpopular areas. But from the recent trend, you can clearly feel the enthusiasm of entrepreneurs and investment institutions in the warming. So, nursing will be red?

nursing methodology

of course, nursing has not been forgotten entrepreneurs. Over the past few years, there have been several different types of practice in the field of nursing. We have done the following:

medical consultation – this is a relatively early practice in the field of nursing, and similar to O2O, mainly in the field of activation of the idle resources". With the diagnosis are divided into two types: one is independent with referral service companies, such as e with the diagnosis, with the diagnosis, with the diagnosis of love at ease; the other is a comprehensive platform to develop the business with the diagnosis, such as protecting net interest (founded by Qu medicine network), nursing (by 160 small intimate medical treatment founder) etc..

O2O – door China’s pension industry planning is 90% theaged, inspired a lot of O2O platform to provide on-site nursing care, nursing care, such as 20 Fen ruiquan; O2O not only provides home services, as well as McGrady such as old-age pension institutions to provide care solutions company. In addition to specifically for the elderly O2O, as well as providing comprehensive health services projects, such as home care, V care home, etc..

education and training – in the medical profession, nurses, although not as doctors, but also the existence of a certain professional threshold, the need to pass the nurse qualification examination. So there are a number of special programs to help nurses learn personal or medical institutions training, including networking, nurse notes, nurses and so on. In practice, however, education is often only

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