The State Administration for ndustry and Commerce on Alibaba fake Ma is not outside the law

in August 8th, the State Administration for Industry and commerce website to hang out the general Party Secretary Zhang Mao commercial system reform, market supervision on the Internet to accept Phoenix Chinese Taiwan Sally Wu interview video. The film aired on Phoenix TV on July 29th and on the next episode, a total of 50 minutes in August 5th.

In the

, Sally Wu walked into the office to see a lot of Zhang Mao, describing the book Internet Co chiefs Zhang Mao on the shelves, such as the Alibaba "wear shoes Ma", Baidu’s "Robin Li", and write Kan Jingdong, Liu Qiang East Qihoo 360 Zhou Hongyi. "These people are the objects of my daily work. So I studied one by one."


Ma Yun is Zhang Mao’s first study of Internet characters. "He often says something unexpected that makes you wonder what he said." "I am the first of this study is to" wear shoes Ma ". Later, Ma met me for the first time, wearing leather shoes. I said, why do you wear shoes ma do not wear? He said I see you here today, I was a bit nervous, formal visit."

but Zhang Mao spent Ma Yun’s name correctly, this thought is Linghu Chong, Sally Wu reminder, remembered is Feng qingyang. "I made a mistake. Anyway, the martial arts novel Zoupian Jian Feng impression, I suddenly put forward a concept, and then let you think, put it on like a very novel. I think the strong east, I feel is more pragmatic, solid, is to make me. So the two companies actually go a different way."

is part of the surging news finishing part of Mao’s interview with Phoenix TV content:

white paper released flawed, but not the Chinese government and corporate partners cheat you

January 2015, SAIC and Alibaba into a war of words. The cause of the incident was due to the State Administration for Industry and Commerce announced a network commodity transaction oriented monitoring results, the results show that the second half of 2014 the network transaction zhengpinlv is 58.7%, the number of samples located at, zhengpinlv was the lowest, only 37.25%. It is this monitoring results, triggered a strong protest Alibaba.

final SAIC gave a written response, entitled: "the white paper on the administrative guidance of the Alibaba group". "White paper" out, Ali’s stock fell, suffered heavy losses. At this time, Zhang Mao and Ma had a meeting.

Zhang Mao said: I met with Ma is actually about the appointment, about half a month ahead of schedule, Ma said to come, I want to talk about their business situation. We agreed to have a meal in the canteen. As a result, some of these things have happened before, and it was a coincidence that we both talked about it that day. Later, the development of the situation is relatively large, especially the United States, the Chinese stock market there are some so-called Survey >

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