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user location information is more sensitive. Many mobile applications (LBS applications) require users to provide their location, so smart phones have access to the user’s geographic location related functions. However, under normal circumstances are in the case of user consent will automatically locate the user.

Apple Corp has also recorded the location of the user’s information and cause controversy. Data researchers have claimed that Apple Corp’s iPhone and iPad devices long-term record of the user’s geographic location, these data are stored in a file called "consolidated.db" in the unencrypted file. Although Apple has access to the agreement by the user’s consent, but because of the user’s location information is easy to be stolen, thus causing the user’s attention.

users to avoid this risk, you need to know how the phone is to collect user location information. Intelligence, a research affiliate of the American technology blog, published a report on how geographic data was collected by BI.

GPS solutions as well as the latitude and longitude of the latitude and longitude of the label is currently recognized as the location of the data, but also the basic way to get the majority of the user’s geographic location. As long as the user opens the GPS positioning function, the phone can get relevant data.

In addition to

, there are four other ways to get the location data:

1, mobile phone signal tower data

GPS chip when the mobile device can receive GPS signal, mobile devices and mobile phone communication tower requires it to connect and estimate the signal tower in the distance between it and continue to report its location. The location data obtained by this method is not as accurate as the pure GPS data.

2, WiFi connection

is a way to accurately obtain the location data, but need to use effective WiFi hotspot. WiFi address and GPS coordinates are one-to-one correspondence. It can accurately identify the location of the user, so many retailers are willing to provide free public WiFi services, so they can release the store mobile advertising.

3, IP address

location can also be obtained through the IP address associated with the data connection. The accuracy of this method is different from the operator, and the reliability is lower than the above method.

4, user report

when users sign up for email or mobile applications and services, they usually enter their own location and postal code. These data can be converted to GPS coordinates, so as to establish the location of the user group file.

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