The micro blog beta line duck neck crowd to change life

webmaster Admin5 news: November 10th, Tianya enable two domain from midnight today officially launched micro-blog products, micro-blog skyline ( at present Tianya micro-blog in the beta phase, users can directly use the ID login micro-blog. Micro-blog’s slogan: "Tianya micro-blog, onlookers change life!"

Tianya micro-blog home page, the current Tianya ID can log on


Tianya micro-blog highly integrated Tianya products



Tianya netizens humorously called "duck", from the horizon of the homonym in career, not only nicknames avoid before being Sina, the Tencent the "Bib", formed his own personality nickname, help shape the brand Tianya collar.


as the new army, some netizens said: "micro-blog is hot in addition to world politics, news, other than an interesting topic on Sina more, after all the community has a rich cultural heritage, micro-blog will want to hype up is not difficult. But the need to improve the function of a lot of places, it can be seen on the rush line, lack of preparation."

also has friends in micro-blog said Sina has in-depth integration of various functions of duck Tianya, micro-blog depth and community open, interconnected, and put emphasis on the operation of events and topics. Duck compared to several other big micro-blog resources to mobilize the whole network integration is more comprehensive, more efficient, more in-depth exchanges my friend. Has become a much more portable personal portal. A live one put a business up for sale."

according to iResearch latest data show that in 2010 3-6 months, the domestic market in the number of monthly coverage of 54 million 521 thousand from micro-blog to grow to $103 million 70 thousand. Since last year, Sina, Tencent, Sohu and other major portals have launched their own micro-blog product integration resources. In October 18th the world has launched a preview version of the duck, also has in the open mobile phone version of micro-blog products, I believe the horizon force will inject a new vitality to the micro-blog market, promote the industry competition.

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