Jiang Likun how to make good use of traditional nternet thinking

wrote an article before, the name of the traditional enterprise transformation of the Internet’s ten death law, are interested in Baidu search review. After the article issued a strong response, a lot of people and I said, to see this article as early as possible, so that they can take some detours. But there are also friends raised new questions: This article mainly analyzes and summarizes the problems and errors in the transformation process of traditional enterprise committed, the traditional enterprise transformation of the way how to go? Did not give a clear answer. In fact, the traditional enterprise transformation, is a big topic, not one or two articles to understand, so next time, jianglikun will write a series of articles to address this question, we welcome long-term concern. Today, let’s talk about how the first step in the transformation of traditional enterprises how to step.

enterprises in transition, we should first figure out the rhythm and the pace of transformation, to understand what the first turn, then turn what, otherwise it is to touch the stones across the river, the risk will be great. As the moral says in a road, two, three, two students in life everything. What is this road? What is it? What is two?. And now a lot of enterprise transformation failure, it is the direction of the reverse, did not take into account the nature of the problem, more to the form of things, this law is necessary to die, not a good luck.

is like my traditional enterprise transformation of the Internet’s ten death law, a text mentioned in an article: old ideas and new models can not solve new problems!". Many enterprises think to open a shop, in Taobao or Tmall to build a website, or to build a WeChat public platform, and then do the network promotion, is called transition times, is completely mistaken, it is not called the transition, because of the nature of the enterprise hasn’t changed. Many traditional businesses are doing business, open a factory or shop, and then pull the business by advertising, salespeople run business. Now, the line is not easy to do business, to build a platform through the Internet, network advertisement, network sales pull business run business, nature changed? Where changed? In fact they are essentially the same, but the form has changed: the shop is the place from the line moved online, send advertising the place from the line moved online, only this. In other words, these companies just as the Internet as a new sales channel, which is a typical old ideas and new model.

in fact these formal things turn for the better, the problem is that these surface Kung Fu can not solve the problem, the first is the essence of the key, and this is the essence of thinking. Some traditional business mismanagement, in the final analysis is the business ideas. How does this idea turn? The answer is the Internet thinking. Want to transform the Internet, want to do business on the Internet, with internet thinking is the first step. What’s a the Internet? There are a lot of Internet on this article, such as user thinking, time thinking, simple thinking, the ultimate thinking, iterative thinking, flow thinking, social thinking, thinking big data platform thinking, cross-border thinking, Jiang Likun think these are very good, very Yes, but some key problems are not.

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