Daily topic buy the site to buy the end of the frequency of consumption from PC to mobile terminal

station network (www.admin5.com) August 7th news website, group purchase network announced the adjustment of internal operation gathered out of service, but questioned its capital chain has been broken and was on the verge of collapse. Previously, Groupon, 24 coupons and other large group purchase website showed a sudden capital chain rupture, please pay employees and businesses such as "the horrors of a series of on-site debt".

China Electronics [1.41%] business research center data show that in 2012 the number of buy site closures are increasing, and the number is far more than the number of new buy site. At the end of December 2012, a total of 1514 group purchase site closed down or quit the group purchase market, a total of 300 new group purchase website. Simple calculation, the average daily 4 buy site failures.

after the number of group purchase site closed down in April this year, is still in the top ten gathered nets, due to funding strand breaks crisis, owed hundreds of merchant payment. At present, the company is headquartered in Haidian Danleng Street No. 18 building four layer wealth of the company, it is empty, leaving the waste paper everywhere. The site has been unable to meet the normal access, open only one the website released in August 2nd to suspend service announcement, claiming that "gathered nets from internal business adjustment is out of service, the specific opening time to be determined, the inconvenience, please understand". For the debt issue, micro-blog also gathered nets only a brief explanation: collecting network did not fall, not just rumors, some merchants emotional confusion, gathered nets still, the boss will not shirk responsibility.

2010, buy the industry has just started in the country, in the case of profitability is not clear, was once a hot pursuit of the chase. According to a statistics show that the most popular group buying time, the cumulative number of up to more than 6 thousand. However, by the end of 2011 to early 2012, only the development of more than 1 years of group purchase website suffered cold, a large number of websites because the service is not in place and capital chain, closed down. According to the group 800 in February this year, the national statistical data, maintain normal operation of the remaining group purchase site number 943, and this trend will continue to decay. The 800 Group founder Hu Chen believes that the two thousand or three thousand group purchase website, in fact many have closed or in a semi closed state, most of the sites appeared abnormal, or access to suspend operations for more than a month no update.

why buy a website frequently arrears ran it? U.S. mission network founder Wang Xing said, invest a few thousand dollars can do a buy site". Moreover, the "pre payment" business model makes the group purchase sites are in the "other people’s money". Yi Kai capital CEO Wang predicted that 99% of the network will be closed down, will be eliminated.

at present, the size of the user to buy almost face zero growth embarrassment. To this end, the group of 800 co founder Hu Chen analysis pointed out that the main reason for the rise in turnover is to buy the industry to reduce the discount rate, but only to mention the purchase price of the customer

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