Website ranking optimization must have 4 kinds of ability

website ranking optimization need to have what ability? Earlier we talked about what kind of talent in the enterprise network marketing need? So what kind of ability can we meet the needs of enterprises? We usually optimization ranking is mainly for Baidu to optimize, because according to the analysis of Baidu has occupied more than 80% of the China search share iResearch other institutions, followed by Google, then Sogou and soso, Sogou Google aside and soso basically optimization and Baidu are similar, Baidu optimization well, soso and Sogou will also sit on the platform, because although different but the basic reason is the same. May search development will be relatively rapid may occupy the second position to the future, after all, the Tencent is user oriented, we expect the search to our surprise, after all, only the development of competition of our SEOER better, we mainly rely on Baidu to bring traffic, so we specifically for Baidu to talk about good website ranking optimization need to have what ability


1 website ranking must have a strong sense of self-confidence!


is very important, whether do website ranking optimization or do other things, confidence is the ability of each person must have, do not accept, what about others to recognize you? Many entered the SEO promotion industry friends say they have no basis, what all don’t understand, what will Xi’an SEO to learn? Jiang Wenbo told everyone as long as you have unremittingly, do not abandon, do not give up the spirit you will learn and learn very well, many things are not know to understand and master the time, please don’t have started doing chose to give up! Since the choice of the learning website optimization will be full of 100% confidence in yourself, others can learn I can learn, have confidence in 100% plus execution without you can not learn, can not grasp the. If you have no confidence in yourself, not the beginning determines your results, so please do something to enhance your self-confidence, if you still have no confidence in yourself, you are destined to do everything is not the result of


2, the website keyword optimization to loneliness


SEO orders of the personnel in general orders, according to Baidu keyword index of different customers for if the ranking of different time, but are generally three months on the home page, some low index keyword optimization may better half a month can on the home page or even the first, some key difficulty is not large for half a year even a year are not home. In the process of re optimization we should not only write original content, but also optimize the connection, which is a waste of time, may be an article we will occupy a few hours to write, and outside chain construction requires a lot more time and effect is often a long period of time to see, a lot of advanced SEO optimization of the summary, SEO must endure loneliness, successful people are often adhere to the last person


3, must learn data analysis

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