Dangdang CEO Li Guoqing ‘m not a greedy don’t enjoy fame


Dangdang founder and CEO Li Guoqing (micro-blog) (Tencent technology photo)

Tencent Francisco (month old) April 7th news, today morning, dangdang.com founder and CEO Li Guoqing in 2012 China Internet webmaster annual meeting said that he will not do the investment, Dangdang book sales accounted for 30% of total retail sales.

Prior to the

, the industry believes that the success of Li Guoqing venture is to eat a soft meal of his wife, Yu Yu. This morning, the General Assembly at the scene, Li Guoqing said: "I am not a gigolo, I covet fame, but not just for the sake of enjoyment, to fame is not interested."

When asked whether the future of

and Yu Yu to withdraw from the Internet arena, Li Guoqing said: companies do not reach $100 billion market capitalization is not out of their own."

"every time I go back to the lecture 1/3 of the situation was criticized by the public relations department, there are 1/3 cases of my wife criticized. But at any time, I would like to be a "scene, Li Guoqing is so self ridicule. He revealed that he founded a taxi company, the type of about more than 10.

Li Guoqing said: "I said I founded the company, including the advertising agency, the bank agency have done, to prove what? I have not kept man, so I can stand here for. A lot of people think that Yu Yu help me fill loopholes, she did not fill someone else, but the division of labor."

2012 the annual meeting of the Chinese Internet webmaster was held at the Beijing International Conference Center today (). The theme of the meeting is to seek a win-win development of the community by boat to the Sea Cloud era, the issue includes the platform to start business, mobile new opportunities, win-win cloud era, etc..

in addition, Congress has placed on the Internet product demonstration and Internet marketing services two venue, and awarded the "Chinese most influential local community website", "the most influential Chinese vertical community website" series of awards.

following Li Guoqing speech at the 2012 meeting of the general assembly:

Li Guoqing: Thank you, thank you for giving me such a time to share the experience of entrepreneurship. Every time I go back to the 1/3 lectures are next to the public relations department of criticism, there are 1/3 cases to my wife on the way of criticism, so I think today we don’t comment on other companies, but I have to prove myself, although had to go back to wife criticism, people who know me know that you here, I don’t know me. Over 20 years of business history, I started a company type about 10 cross, I do have a rental car company, 90, 92 years of economic downturn, the driver owes money, scared the taxi driver, the general manager of the rental company did not dare to accept the money, I was carrying a bag to put me on the first girlfriend, of course she took the initiative to the meeting, looking for a man posing as the 13 deputy director of the Department, the driver

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