Double 11 express delivery schedule for the first time exposure difficulty to avoid explosion


On the first day of

is expected 50% express courier warehouse explosion to avoid converting

daily news (reporter Wang Cuiyi) in the past "double 11 big promotion," Taobao Alipay "harvest, the transaction amounted to 19 billion 100 million yuan, is 3 times more than last year. Sales doubled, so that the volume of shipments far more than expected, so that the next distribution link ushered in a major test. Reporter yesterday visited a number of courier distribution enterprises to understand, face on the first day than expected shipment volume of 50%, enterprises can still manage to digest. But if this situation appear continuously once the courier warehouse explosion will be difficult to avoid.

yesterday night, Beijing express enterprises ushered in the double 11 brought the first express peak. Because this shipment volume exceeded expectations, the reporter saw, through express Beijing branch from November 11th until the night express concentration arrived in Beijing yesterday morning, the distribution center was brightly lit and a few on the conveyor belt with express. Pass speed North China General Manager Si Liyao said, the first batch of shipment arrived although more than expected, but the full preparation, this wave has basically been smooth through the peak express. At present, the entire staff of the center of 24 hours on duty shift, is expected to be the 13 day of -14 express volume will reach a new peak of two days." A number of courier companies also said that the first peak pressure distribution is not small, but due to adequate preparation can cope.

in fact, in order to avoid a repeat of last year "double 11" caused by the courier warehouse explosion, cooperation this year’s major courier companies and Tmall, have opened line, network communication. These 29 thousand and 500 new vehicles, more than 20 square meters of sorting site, 65 thousand people added a line, to ensure that the "double 11" express service. At the same time, this year the express companies and business negotiation, peak delivery, delivery control rhythm, to ease the pressure distribution. A well-known courier company official said, after consultation, the early morning of November 11th orders, businesses generally in 11 -12 days delivery, consumers can receive shipment at day 11 for 6-14; the order, the seller will late 1-2 days delivery, every 6 hours for a period of time to postpone.


through the preparation for car site ", and the peak delivery mode to avoid explosion, but it seems in the industry, this year due to the" double 11 "sales increased exponentially, the capacity is far beyond the estimated range of the courier express delivery companies, the next few days a great chance of explosion.

a courier company responsible for reporters calculate a bill: this year, double 11 and Tmall negotiations, is expected to amount to about 5 million in the day, the major courier companies in accordance with the expected preparation. But as of noon on November 12th, the company received a breakthrough volume exceeded 7 million, exceeding expectations of nearly 50%. "In recent years, data from 12 onwards, three consecutive days are the peak express, there will be a total of more than 2000 express waiting for us distribution, press the >

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