Giant mobile nternet Games enclosure platform unknown

(text: Ji Yuan Yin editor Wang Qi)

if you enter "QQ" to search words in a Android app store, can not find the 50 mobile phone applications, from QQ to QQ Nothing is too strange. delicacy. If the search is Baidu, 360, will have similar findings, this is the PC Internet giant in the mobile Internet to "record": from their software, browser, mobile phone desktop map has been done, what should try to.

however, this situation has changed in 2012, the giants began to consciously focus:

May 15, 2012, WeChat officially open to third party application interface API, launched the "sweep membership card" function, try to two-dimensional code for the entrance, the collection of traditional manufacturers to build O2O (Online To Offine power line, Internet business), WeChat suddenly became the Tencent of mobile Internet business center.

October 10, 2012, Baidu map Department split into LBS (that is, location based services) division, and with Baidu mobile ·, cloud division together to become the two largest mobile Internet division Baidu. This also marks the Baidu will be a mobile phone map as a strategic level products.

Qihoo 360 is quite low-key. April 20, 2012, 360 mobile assistant to open up the PC version and mobile version, in the mobile version also joined the PC version of the application store function. Since then, the Qihoo 360 invested a lot of resources pushing 360 mobile phone assistant.

to the end of last year, China Mobile has become more clear the situation of the Internet: three giants from their own areas of expertise, toward the commanding heights of the mobile internet. Tencent is still instant messaging, Qihoo 360 is the best tool software, Baidu chose the mobile phone map the local search service life.

Internet giants their own mobile Castle seems to have been shaping. After the end of the enclosure war, the Internet is a combination of competition, product, channel and business model of the three, their decision today, will determine who will be the winner in the next five years.


PC has reached a massive Internet giant mobile Internet, they first aimed at the application stores and other channels. 2012, Baidu launched the Baidu mobile application (, mobile developers through the application of the product, will appear in Baidu search location and can be directly downloaded. In addition, Baidu also launched its own application store Baidu application center, and third party application store to grab business. Qihoo 360 is pushing the "360 mobile phone assistant also turned to the app store. Two giants in the channel on the big move, suddenly swept away a lot of users.

in addition to the application store, mobile browser, brush software, mobile phone pre

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