The online education is the biggest smatter bubble

is on the side of one side is be in full swing, complete darkness, two kinds of online education and the environment, as opposed to online education, thinking and learning ability of the students questioned spare no effort, even rise to life attack; while standing on the angle of online education, even ignore meaning, also don’t live like overwhelming 50 Fen party the offensive, while the development side, but in any case behind, always suspected, as a saying goes:

you talk to him, he and you play rascal;

you play rascal with him, he told you the legal system;

you talk to him about the rule of law, he talks to you about politics;

you talk to him about politics, he told you about the national conditions;

you talk to him about the national conditions, he told you to integrate;

you speak with him, he told you about culture;

you talk to him about culture, he told you Lao Tzu;

you tell him Lao Zi, he installed grandson with you!

you with his grandson, he told you the truth.

That’s probably what

means. As a new product, combined with the Internet plus education is in line with the general trend of the development of society and the state, any barrier in front of the stone is of no avail, even temporary profits or learning problems have been repeatedly mentioned, but does not hinder the development of the industry, the reconstruction and subversion needs time and countless experience to support, or today the headlines, became a member of the death of tomorrow on the list, but what’s the big deal, business or investment in the future is full of risks and opportunities that people know is a lot of things, then it is not people.

: some outdated topic topic a commonplace talk of an old scholar.

(1) Internet people do not understand education, education do not understand the Internet

if there are people who believe in this sentence, then the representative has not yet entered the online education circles, but also to understand the deviation of the internet. Hujiang network founder Rui volt color know education? Do not know, as a college entrepreneur, someone said he did understand education, will be laughing street, but now he knows education? Understand, Shanghai river network is education products; he knows the Internet? Do not know, but he knew that a complementary, Shanghai from the Forum started, the Internet started in the wilderness era, there are a few dare to understand the Internet, but also not to understand the Internet education product;

meter net education to understand? Don’t understand, but it knows how to make full use of resources, to achieve the purpose of education using the Internet, they are said to have made a profit in


Bay networks understand education? A lot of innovation works have several young people understand education, but still make a pillar of online education products, although in recent years because of frequent strategic mistakes, lead out of the market, but no one can deny that a few years of his influence on education, it also is the earliest from Jia Lang on the teaching and learning curriculum;

most of the school, they understand each other.

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