Adsense network broadcast Ali vice president of human bribery 2 million 600 thousand sentenced to m

1 sources said Ali, vice president of human resources was sentenced to bribery in eight years and six months  


June 12th news, according to media reports, Alibaba recently disclosed an employee bribery 2 million 600 thousand was sentenced punishment announcement. The announcement shows that the named employee number 000200, name of Guan Yu, vice president of Alibaba group, the human resources department, served as director of human resources

up to now, Ali has not yet responded to the matter.

the internal notification shows that in 2010 -2012 years, Wang served during HR jobs, used his position to influence or discretion, in violation of Ali procurement process and supplier selection, will be Ali’s annual meeting, collective wedding, promotional video capture more than 40 items to its students Lee and its affiliated companies undertake, so many times accepting cash given to Lee, announced that a huge amount.


2 P2P platform suspected "run away" Xun network involving an amount of over 27 million  

P2P platform foot incident, is still ongoing. This time, the protagonist is a Shenzhen branch Xun network P2P platform. Wang Qinfeng, the legal representative of the platform had previously claimed that in April this year, its turnover has exceeded 400 million yuan. "Now, not only can not open the site, customer service phone is simply not go in, all contact are broken, simply can not find people." One investor told the "First Financial Daily", after closing the gateway Kosun no sign, and according to their own statistics, as of yesterday evening, has confirmed that more than 430 investors, involving more than 27 million yuan of funds.

is the same as before "run away" P2P platform, Kosun network technique called novel, not only high-profile act on their own publicity in the number of financial website published an article, also claimed that cooperation with a number of well-known international financial institutions. At the same time, the problems as early as the horizon, as early as March of this year, some people questioned the alleged fraud, but the platform has not been a positive response.

3 micro-blog from the media plan to start today more than 5 million fans big V temporarily can not apply for

June 12th news, micro-blog officially launched from the media plan, the user application management system over the line ( openly recruited from media users, according to the page, the plan has a certain originality and influence for micro-blog to authenticate the user, specific criteria for the number of monthly reading above 3 million, and can provide high-quality content links, in addition more than 5 million fans, "V" is temporarily unable to apply.

it is reported that there are 1000 high-quality original content of the author was invited to join micro-blog from the media program, covering the top of the vertical field of 23. Micro-blog user operations director Liu Xinzheng said that the plan will focus on further improving the impact of micro-blog users to create high-quality content >

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