The shop operators Juexue 24 strokes

shop experience is not only the characteristics of the site also has the characteristics of traditional shops, it can be said that the site is highly integrated with the traditional shop, she is also a masterpiece of Internet technology development. The operation of the site not only skills, but also to sweat and hard Oh, if the application of good skills, to every step by step to make the place, you will flow slowly up, your wallet will slowly bulging….. Now I put my 8 years of sweat crystallization dedicated to everyone, we hope to be able to help.

shop, 1 Juexue, head of personal signature. In the best position is the Taobao store promotion forum, the most popular is the experience of talk about home! So in the forums have their own unique personal signature and avatar is how important! The best novel and unique design, can highlight your shop advantage, so as to attract customers into your shop. We must be in the signature and head to work on, do not casually! There are many others designed specifically for the signature and head of the Taobao store, you can ask them, if not too much trouble, can also be yourself! The forum has a lot of useful tutorials can be taught you how to make beautiful, unique signature and avatar


shop, 2 Juexue hair essence, replies. The essence of the role must be not necessary for me to say it, not only can earn coins, but also improve the shop’s views, what is more important, and everyone in the exchanges, can learn more, so as to achieve the effect of common progress! But the essence is difficult after all, most of the people still used in the forum replies, in a post can effectively improve the store views! This requires that we can see the intentions and replies. The kind of support, by the way, sit down and see slowly, the landlord to write good, top, and other statements are not enough to attract everyone. On the post of the best advice can be practical and realistic answer to the depressed landlord also want to comfort; to write experience posts can put forward their own views to share…… In short is to be careful. Then add the font, select a striking color, add a little expression, etc.. Although the trouble spots, but the effect will be better than the general good quick reply! How to reply a seductive personality of the post.

shop, shop decoration 3 juexue. Store decoration is also very critical. To create a comfortable shopping environment for customers, they would like to stay a little longer in your store, you will be successful trading opportunities. The best color decoration can be unified and harmonious, and their own goods to tune, highlighting the personality. A shop decoration, you can also do follow the tutorial in the forum, or ask someone else to do it, if you meet people "eyes" effect, the basic OK designer! Teach you to create first-class store (full version).

shop, shop name 4 juexue. The name of the shop should also pay attention to the characteristics, so that people remember the most important! Simple and clear, let a person know what you sell, if you are grocery stores, it is best to highlight their own "fist product", ha ha.

shop 5 Juexue, friendship.

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