Knowledge of the electricity supplier market will be much

actually, I would prefer to say that the knowledge of electricity suppliers as a "content to pay" (or content charges). That indeed some paid content, difficult to ascend the "knowledge" of the lobby, and secondly, this field is the content of entrepreneurship branch, paid content seems to be more in line with context. But this is like a noun of the dispute, in the face of my bike sharing investors ask "property ownership operator where is the bike sharing?" this question, smiled and said: we will not seriously term


business circles, has always been the tradition. Today, there are people generally speaking almost all of the WeChat, that from the media, I do not bother to delve into.


I finished in the knowledge of electricity supplier is not a good thing, there are two friends leave a message, have mentioned such a problem: how can we do more electricity supplier knowledge


I think, they ask, it should be the size of the market will be.

separated for an hour, I replied to one of the messages, said: I think, the total is not good, this year will blowout".

blowout means, compared with the 2016 knowledge of the electricity supplier to achieve market size.

as far as I know, the knowledge of electricity providers generally have four platforms, in 2016 there are some visible scale.


first is: get.

on the scale is relatively easy to check, in APP, a total of 18 charge column, basically is 199 yuan / year, with two exceptions, one is Wang Shuo, 199 yuan /9 months, another is Luo Zhenyu himself, 1 yuan / year. The number of subscribers are open, you are interested can go to sum up.

second is, on / off.

is more difficult to know which of the two is shell products produced, it realized how much water. Once the fire was over, I knew a woman who studied psychology and received more than one hundred thousand of the income. But with the column and get into 55 different, and there is no commission. The answer, the operator has a commission, was also a fire than the line, after the end of last year, a little quiet.

third is, know almost live.

this platform has been very stable operation, the establishment of a total of 17 categories, each category is more than a hundred, a few dozen. Each live, there are dozens to hundreds of people involved in the range. Fares ranging from $10 to less than 400. These are publicly visible, are interested, you can go to calculate.

fourth is, Himalaya.

Himalaya ranked one of China’s largest network audio platform, in December last year to engage in a 123 knowledge carnival, the main charge audio. Publish it to media

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