Alipay balance payment limit of 200 thousand improve the credit if you can walk out of the dilemma

last month, Ma foreign complaints, the most regret founded the Alibaba, but not as busy as the president, the president’s authority, and said that if there is an afterlife will not get into this. But then something happened, it was found that the original Tucao himself as busy as the president is not the focus, the focus is not the power of the president himself.

June 28th began media reports, July 1st Alipay a maximum limit of 200 thousand yuan to pay the balance of water, here it refers to the water is provided in addition to all actions outside now. Did not look too much restrictions on ordinary users, because I’ll take the first cash to the bank card, and then through the bank card payments and transfers, so it does not affect the payment of the amount, will not cause too much trouble to us. But for Alipay or ant payment service, this restriction indeed deadly, may give the ants cause big trouble payment service. Why do you say that?

first, the balance of treasure funds will be greatly reduced.

please pay attention to the scope of this limit, including the balance of treasure into the purchase of financial products are to deduct the amount of. For example, for example, you turn 200 thousand today to the balance of treasure, then in this year, regardless of whether or not you take out the money, you can not use any of the balance of the balance of consumption or treasure investment. Of course, if you really want to invest can also be the first cash withdrawals, and then from the bank card to pay the balance of treasure. However, the balance of treasure is the Alipay in a temporary balance of short-term financial behavior, the income is not higher than the bank account is too much, the market long-term return to the more than alipay. So in order to invest in the balance of treasure to do such a step.

is due to the large scale financial fund balance treasure shrink, will lead to Alipay through the balance of treasure and funds has shrunk dramatically.

two, Alipay balance precipitation funds significantly reduced.


limit, in addition to their cash and bank card withdrawals, all other movements of the account balance will be deducted amount for Taobao sellers and micro companies, most of the original account balance is used to pay the purchase price, courier fees and even wages, but they have not done. Only to the bank to cash card. So this time limit, the balance of Alipay’s inevitable decline of money.

three, Alipay will no longer be the main transfer payment.

in fact, not just Alipay, all in addition to online banking and online banking products extended payment instruments all affected online payment tools, including Alipay, WeChat, Jingdong, Baidu wallet payment payment and so on are subject to quota restrictions. Since these tools can not meet the needs of daily transfers, consumption of many people, so Alipay online payment tool will lose many to balance transfers for the purpose of account activity will decline, once again reduced precipitation funds Alipay and its products.

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