School of business by Chen Fangyi after 85 from the return of net to women with grapefruit

source: I dark horse Author: Wang Genwang,

in 2008, at the Huaqiao University junior Chen Fangyi School of business, and the four friends together to create a rebate website return net, the website through the "shopping guide + return cash" in the form of holding 8 million users, and Chen through advertising cost and transaction commissions for the first pot of gold in 2012 its revenue has exceeded 100 million yuan, the profit amounted to tens of millions of yuan, the same year also won the Xianfeng Huaxing and Zhenge fund millions of dollars of investment risk, and the staff has reached more than and 100 people.

returns from net to female application

although the figures on the performance table is very good, but Chen Fangyi began to consider the transformation. On the one hand, he believes that although the electricity supplier shopping guide industry is very profitable but there are limitations, you can only bring customers in the past, but can not control the process behind, do things limited." In addition, Taobao began early on the rebate website pressure, integral products prohibited cash back and forced access Alipay set treasure, this to a certain extent, Chen more clearly see their own ceiling.


Chen Fangyi

what a transition? This is Chen Fangyi to face the problem, weigh more than four months, women’s health applications he decided to cut into the mobile Internet at the end of 2012. As for why to choose this field, Chen’s explanation is: the Internet mobile phone and computer is no longer than big brother has a monopoly on them, and pay attention to health especially women’s health has become a trend.

, the Internet should be anytime, anywhere, PC will not become a entertainment center, it will only be office center, so we must be based on the mobile internet. We will not compete with the giants, but we must learn from them, only three BAT platform in PC, but they are not so strong on the mobile internet."

coincidentally, the same as the 85 wood can do assistant female menstrual application aunt you development like a raging fire, the current users reached about ten million. More coincidentally Chai won real fund partner Xu Xiaoping angel investment, but Chen doesn’t think grapefruit and aunt do exist in competition, "their user defined in the irregular menstruation of women, we also include weight loss, breast enhancement, to include all women in the market to a large number of."

from 0 users to 6 million users

after a month of "behind closed doors", April 2013, (English grapefruit menstrual assistant See You) on the line, it is mainly through the big data in the form of all user data collected to predict the time of menstruation, ovulation and pregnancy is easy to inform, and vertical development, provide slimming, whitening, dysmenorrhea conditioning etc. health tips. In addition, in the view of Chen Fangyi, grapefruit and other women health applications is a very different incentive mechanism, "false"

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