Taobao mobile phone details page does not change the big game can not play double 11


] September 18th news billion state power network, the state power grid to understand, Taobao mobile phone shop details page will be the recent major modification, do a preliminary basis for the double eleven. One of the important changes are: mobile phone Taobao will be released in October, graphic detail editing new features to achieve a key to release the phone details page".

it is understood that the phone details page will achieve the following three functions:

first, add a key optimization function. The seller can click on the description of the bottom of the edit box to create a mobile phone baby description button, automatically generate the phone version of the baby description.

second, the new mobile phone baby recommended. When the seller a key to generate a mobile phone end baby description, the system will be the seller in the PC end of the text and text description of the recommended baby sync to the phone side of the same shop recommended, the seller can add, delete and modify.

third, the seller can preview the phone details. The seller can go to the seller in the sale center, click on the bottom right of the baby baby, scanning the two-dimensional code to preview the page at the mobile phone feeling effect.

previously, Taobao mobile phone product details page has been criticized by many sellers, such as not for the mobile terminal to do optimization, is not suitable for mobile end user experience, such as can not do related sales, etc.. The Taobao mobile phone on the details of the new features of the page, perhaps there is an intention to change the status quo.

it is reported that Taobao aspects of the transformation of Taobao mobile phone details page very seriously, will be guided by a variety of policies to guide the seller to achieve the details of the phone page optimization. For example, the release of the baby phone version details page will serve as a double 11, one of the conditions involved in the investment activities of the double 12. In addition, the mobile phone has not issued a description of gold sellers, there may be Taobao return.

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