Bad habits of older programmers kill your career

English Original: Older Bad Habits Killing Developers: Your Career


I harvest in a recent "5" on misinformation article review a lot older programmers. After all, it is expected to break by people as assumed truth for many years the fallacy of misinformation. But I’ve omitted a little detail: the bad habits of older programmers are killing their careers.

I’m sorry, I heard your chin on the keyboard. "But, Dave, you say that experience is precious, and……"

yes, I know I said. Every word is my heart. But young people have an advantage that is different from ours: they haven’t formed many habits.

I’m not talking about the habit of hooker-and-blow worth $5000 a day. What I’m talking about is that when you start working as a programmer, you have the practice of forming a daily pattern. Just as you can’t write clearly, concisely, or all the style of the comments. When you make big changes, you always lack of communication with other members of the team, because you do not feel necessary. You refuse to do documentation. Or you can’t refuse to learn new technologies because you think you have enough knowledge to handle your work.

these are all the habits I’ve collected over the years. Some habits are good, for example, make sure you always have a suitable bug tracking system, or the use of source code management. But not all habits are as helpful as I mentioned above. If you have more than 10 years of programming experience, how many of you will form some good or bad habits.

don’t laugh at yourself. In the process of doing the same thing again and again in your laziness and complacency will make these bad habits gradually exposed. You don’t have to worry about getting rid of them, but so far they’re working. There is no motivation to change them. Newton’s first dynamics applies to software learning:


because of gravity, maybe I’ll be still……

"if there is no external force, any moving object will remain in motion; any stationary object will remain at rest."

after you reach a certain capacity, assuming that you can not meet the Pete principle (Peter Principle), and the ability is not improved, the motivation for progress will be weakened by the motivation to maintain the status quo. You think you’ve been a Junior Software Engineer for 5 years, and you don’t want to be a competent boss in the future.

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