US pledge to rebuild Haiti not being met

first_img 0 Comments   Share   The single largest recipient of funding is Washington, D.C.-area contractor Chemonics, which has received more than $58 million, including $6.8 million to remove rubble, $7.2 million to develop a market for environmentally friendly cook stoves, and money for youth soccer tournaments and “key cultural celebrations” including Flag Day, patron saints days and Mother’s Day. Chemonics spokeswoman Martha James says 67 percent of the federal money went to Haitians, including salary for 94 Haitian staff, and Haitian subcontractors, grantees and vendors.Meanwhile, 390,000 people are still homeless. The U.S. promised to rebuild or replace thousands of destroyed homes, but so far has not built even one new permanent house. Auditors say land disputes, lack of USAID oversight and no clear plan have hampered the housing effort. USAID contested that critique.The State Department says 29,100 transitional shelters have been built, to which residents are adding floors, walls or roofs to make permanent homes, although homes once again vulnerable to natural disasters. U.S. funds also supported 27,000 households as they moved in with friends or families, and repaired 5,800 of the 35,000 damaged homes they had planned to complete with partners by July 2012. Also by this month the U.S. had planned to help resolve 40,000 to 80,000 land disputes, but at latest count had helped 10,400. _ Of the $988 million spent so far, a quarter went toward debt relief to unburden the hemisphere’s poorest nation of repayments. But after Haiti’s loans were paid off, the government began borrowing again: $657 million so far, largely for oil imports rather than development projects._ Less than 12 percent of the reconstruction money sent to Haiti after the earthquake has gone toward energy, shelter, ports or other infrastructure. At least a third, $329 million, went to projects that were awarded before the 2010 catastrophe and had little to do with the recovery _ such as HIV/AIDS programs._ Half of the $1.8 billion the U.S. promised for rebuilding is still in the Treasury, its disbursement stymied by an understaffed U.S. Embassy in Port-au-Prince in the months after the quake and by a Haitian government that was barely functional for more than a year._ Despite State Department promises to keep spending public, some members of Congress and watchdogs say they aren’t getting detailed information about how the millions are being spent, as dozens of contractors working for the U.S. government in Haiti leave a complex money trail.“The challenges were absolutely huge and although there was a huge amount of money pledged, the structures were not there for this to be done quickly,” said former U.S. Ambassador Brian Curran. “The concept of build back better is a good one, but we were way over-optimistic about the pace we could do it.” Quick workouts for men PROMISES UNMETWithin months of the quake, Congress approved a 27-page plan detailing a partnership with the Haitian government to “lay the foundation for long-term stability and economic growth.” USAID, an agency overseen by the State Department, was held responsible for getting the job done by choosing contractors, selecting projects and overseeing the work. But just as there’s little to show for the $2 billion the U.S. spent in Haiti in the two decades before the earthquake, it hasn’t built much that is permanent with the new influx of cash.The plan laid out broad categories: infrastructure, health care, education, economic development. It was followed by a strategy that included specific benchmarks. This month, as about 40 of those come due, some are met, like a new police hotline to report abuse. But others are not.For example, the U.S. had planned to improve the business environment by working with the local government to reduce regulations, pass national e-commerce laws, expand mortgage lending and update the tax code. The measurement of success, said U.S. planners, would be a better ranking by the World Bank’s “Doing Business” indicators. Critics say the U.S. effort to reconstruct Haiti was flawed from the start. While “build back better” was a comforting notion, there wasn’t much of a foundation to build upon. Haiti’s chronic political instability and lack of coordinated leadership between Haiti and the U.S. meant crucial decisions about construction projects were slow to be approved. Red tape stalled those that were.The international community’s $10 billion effort was also hindered by its pledge to get approval for projects from the Haitian government. For more than a year then-President Rene Preval was, as he later described it, “paralyzed,” while his government was mostly obliterated, with 16,000 civil servants killed and most ministries in ruins. It wasn’t until earlier this year that a fully operational government was in place to sign paperwork, adopt codes and write regulations. Other delays included challenges to contracts, underestimates of what needed to be done, and land disputes.Until now, comprehensive details about who is receiving U.S. funds and how they are spending them have not been released. Contracts, budgets and a 300-item spreadsheet obtained by The Associated Press under a Freedom of Information Act request show: Natural spring cleaning tips and tricks for your home And to date, debt relief is the largest single item the U.S. has spent toward Haiti’s rebuilding: $245 million.But since taking office in May 2011, President Michel Martelly’s administration has borrowed $657 million, largely from Venezuela for basic fuel needs, but also from Taiwan, the International Fund for Agricultural Development, the International Monetary Fund and OPEC. Next year Haiti is expected to spend close to $10 million servicing those debts, according to the IMF.“The U.S. government cannot dictate how the government of Haiti, as a sovereign country, chooses to address its financial situation,” said USAID’s Haiti task team leader in Washington D.C., Beth Hogan, whose office facilitated the payments. The U.S. is now only providing grants, not loans, to Haiti.Waters now says she’s disappointed, but not surprised, that Haiti has resumed its borrowing habits.More than half of Haiti’s annual $1 billion budget comes from foreign aid.“Haiti needs grants, gifts and loans,” said Haitian official Nau. “Every country in the world has debt and Haiti is no different.”OFF THE RECORDA major frustration for watchdogs of the U.S. effort is a lack of transparency over how the millions of dollars are being spent. “Then the earthquake happened and everything changed,” AIR vice president Jane Benbow said. “They said we need you to take the resources you have left and we need you to redirect them, we need you to start doing other things with that money.”In April 2011, USAID announced that a $12 million AIR project had “constructed or is in the process of constructing more than 600 semi-permanent classrooms serving over 60,000 students.”But when pressed for details, AIR spokesman Larry McQuillan said the number of classrooms actually was 322. They were serving at least 38,640 students each day, many in two shifts.The organization left Haiti last year after building 120 temporary schools. Today, about half of Haiti’s school age children attend school, about the same as before the catastrophe. The Haitian government says it wants to put another 1.5 million children into school _ by 2016.The education money has made no difference for Odette Leonard, 39, who lost her husband, and her home, to the quake. Like most Haitians, she cannot afford to pay even the modest school costs for uniforms and books.“People like me won’t be able to see any of that money,” Leonard said. She had to send her two children to her mother’s house in the countryside so they could attend an affordable school. Top Stories From interviews to records requests, efforts to track spending in Haiti by members of Congress, university researchers and news organizations have sometimes been met with resistance and even, in some cases, outright refusals.As a result, U.S. taxpayers are told they’ve agreed to spend $7.2 million for a project to design and distribute cleaner cooking stoves to 10,000 street vendors and 800 schools and orphanages, but there’s no public accounting for how that will break down: How much might each stove cost? What are the office expenses? What are workers’ salaries?“The lack of specific details in where the money has gone facilitates corruption and waste, creates a closed process that reduces competition and prevents us from assessing the efficacy of certain taxpayer-funded projects,” said Congresswoman Yvette Clarke, a New York Democrat whose district includes the second largest population of Haitian immigrants in the country.Legislation introduced last year in Congress would direct the Obama administration to report on the status of post-earthquake humanitarian, reconstruction and development efforts in Haiti.The AP filed a Freedom of Information request to learn what was accomplished and how much was spent on a two-day retreat for 12 senior U.S. staffers in Miami in March 2011. USAID released the hotel sales agreement, the facilitator’s purchase order and an agenda. It did not release information about what was accomplished, and withheld another nine pages, citing concerns that it contained information that had not been finalized. Instead, this year Haiti sank eight points lower compared with the rest of the world as a place to do business in categories including securing construction permits, getting electricity, registering property, receiving credit, enforcing contracts and paying taxes.And so far, the U.S. has no public plans to build a clean water or sewer system in Port-au-Prince, even as the country grapples with the world’s biggest cholera outbreak that medical researchers say was likely introduced by a U.N. peacekeeping unit after the earthquake. The U.S.’s largest jobs program is a garment manufacturing plant being built in Caracol, 280 kilometers (175 miles) from the capital.Adams said some investments, like fixing the electricity system, are taking more time.A $137 million effort toward supplying reliable electricity in Haiti, including blackout-prone Port-au-Prince, stalled after a contract dispute led to a stop-work order _ leaving the capital with electricity only about 10 hours a day. Those who can afford it use private generators and those without use lanterns or candles. To date, just $18 million has been spent on electricity _ largely to build a power plant at the northern industrial park in Caracol. State Department officials say they are trying to be responsive, noting that in the past nine months, they have coordinated 51 briefings to members of Congress and their staff on Haiti and delivered five congressionally-mandated reports.One of the problems with following the money in Haiti is that the records are not up to date.A State Department inspector general report in June found the embassy’s political section retains about 10 linear feet of paper files dating back a decade in several safes, and the narcotics affairs team doesn’t have a coherent filing system.In its own effort to follow the money, this year the AP began contacting firms that have received U.S. funding since the earthquake. A memo went out two weeks later.“A series of requests from journalists may come your way,” cautioned Karine Roy, a spokeswoman for the USAID, in an email to about 50 humanitarian aid officials. “Wait for formal clearance from me before releasing any information.”U.S. contractors, from pollsters to private development firms, told the AP that USAID had asked them not to provide any information, and referred to publicly released descriptions of their projects. More Valley freeways to be closed this weekend for improvements The U.S. Special Coordinator for Haiti Thomas C. Adams, who oversees USAID spending here, says the first priority in the critical days after the quake that killed more than 300,000 was crisis management, and the U.S. government spent $1.3 billion on critical rescue operations, saving untold lives.Three months later, the goals shifted from rescue to what would become a $1.8 billion reconstruction package aimed at building new foundations.“U.S. taxpayers, in the past, have spent billions of dollars in Haiti that haven’t resulted in sustainable improvement in the lives of Haitians,” said Adams. “The emphasis was never on `spend the money quickly.’ The emphasis was on spending the money so that in a year or two, we could look at these projects and see that we’ve helped create a real base to jump-start economic development and give Haitian families and businesses the kind of opportunities they deserve.”Haitian government officials are appreciative, and said the U.S. provides generous support for projects that impact long-term development. As for going back into debt, “Haiti needs all the assistance it can possibly get at this point,” said Prime Minister Laurent Lamothe’s deputy chief of staff Dimitri Nau. Think Tank analyzes the second round of Democratic debates Meghan McCain to release audiobook on conservatism, family One of USAID’s most tangible post-earthquake accomplishments was the construction of a bridge across the muddy, winding Ennery River. The strong and well-engineered span eases a key route from the north to the south 160 kilometers (100 miles) from Port-au-Prince. The bridge had been down for more than a year before the earthquake, a casualty of the 2008 hurricane season. Plans had been sketched for a new bridge, but there wasn’t funding.Engineer Larry Wright, who temporarily moved to Haiti from Wyoming to lead the $4 million project, said he didn’t know the funding came from earthquake reconstruction funds.“This had nothing to do with the quake,” said Wright.AND YET MORE DEBTWhen the earthquake hit, world lenders were already several years into forgiving Haiti’s substantial debts, many of which dated back to millions in loans taken by the dictator Jean-Claude Duvalier, who was overthrown in 1986 and suddenly returned last year. In June 2009, seven months before the earthquake, donors wiped out $1.2 billion of the Haitian government’s debt. In January 2010, as the capital lay in ruins, it still was $828 million in the red.In March 2010, Congresswoman Maxine Waters (D-CA) said canceling the debt is “one of the simplest but most important things we can do to help Haiti.” The State Department acknowledges that efforts to build shelters has been slower than anticipated.While more than 1 million people have been moved out of the tent camps, most went to stay with family or friends, or moved into temporary shelters.“Having tent cities in the capital 2 1/2 years after the earthquake is horrendous,” said Raymond Joseph, a former Haiti ambassador to the U.S. “It’s a condemnation of those who had the money and dragged their feet.”`NOTHING TO DO WITH THE QUAKE’Making progress in Haiti has been easier with established programs that were under way before the earthquake. Contractors had already been chosen, and plans drawn up. As a result, much of the recovery and reconstruction funding was awarded to projects that were not damaged in the earthquake _ from medical clinics to rural farms. Of the $988 million spent to date, $1 out of every $5 went to HIV/AIDS programs, though $49 million went to farming projects and $16 million supported elections.Lack of education has long been a problem. Haiti has about 4.5 million school-age children, about half of whom were attending school before the earthquake. The largest U.S. education program after the quake was through the Washington, D.C.-based American Institutes for Research, which was a few years into a $25.6 million U.S.-funded project to train teachers. Sponsored Stories (Copyright 2012 The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed.) New high school in Mesa lets students pick career paths The Durham, North Carolina-based group Family Health International 360, for example, received $32 million, including $10 million for what the State Department described as an “initiative designed to increase the flow of commercially viable financial products and services to productive enterprises, with a focus on semi-urban and rural areas.”When the AP asked for a budget breakdown, FHI 360 spokeswoman Liza Morris said, “We were pulling that for you but were told that it was proprietary by our funder.”Who is the funder?“Our funder,” she said, “is USAID.”___U.S. spending documents: Martha Mendoza on Twitter at Trenton Daniel at https:// Associated PressPORT-AU-PRINCE, Haiti (AP) – The deadly earthquake that leveled Haiti’s capital more than two years ago brought a thread of hope: a promise of renewal. With the United States taking the lead, international donors pledged billions of dollars to help the country “build back better,” breaking its cycle of dependency.But after the rubble was cleared and the dead buried, what the quake laid bare was the depth of Haiti’s dysfunction. Today, the fruits of an ambitious, $1.8 billion U.S. reconstruction promise are hard to find. Immediate, basic needs for bottled water, temporary shelter and medicine were the obvious priorities. But projects fundamental to Haiti’s transformation out of poverty, such as permanent housing and electric plants in the heavily hit capital of Port-au-Prince have not taken off. 4 sleep positions for men and what they meanlast_img

US rejects nuclear disarmament document over Israel concerns

first_img Milstead says best way to stop wrong-way incidents is driving sober Copyright © The Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten or redistributed. 4 sleep positions for men and what they mean Israel is not a party to the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and has never publicly declared what is widely considered to be an extensive nuclear weapons program. A conference might force Israel to acknowledge it.Since adopting a final document requires consensus, the rejection by the United States, backed by Britain and Canada, means the entire blueprint for global nuclear disarmament and non-proliferation for the next five years has been blocked after four weeks of negotiations. The next treaty review conference is in 2020.That has alarmed countries without nuclear weapons, who are increasingly frustrated by what they see as the slow pace of nuclear-armed countries to disarm. The United States and Russia hold more than 90 percent of the estimated 16,000 nuclear weapons in the world today.Amid a growing movement that stresses the humanitarian impact of nuclear weapons, Austria announced that 107 states have now signed a pledge calling for legal measures to ban and eliminate them.The U.S. comments Friday came after a top State Department official was dispatched to Israel this week for intense talks, as Israel protested the idea of being forced into a conference with its Arab neighbors without prior agreement on an agenda. Former Arizona Rep. Don Shooter shows health improvement Comments   Share   Ex-FBI agent details raid on Phoenix body donation facility Top Stories center_img Sponsored Stories New Valley school lets students pick career-path academies Israel had been furious when the U.S. at the treaty review conference five years ago signed off on a document that called for talks on a Middle East nuclear-free zone by 2012. Those talks never took place.The language on the final document rejected Friday was “incompatible with our long-standing policies,” said Rose Gottemoeller, the U.S. under secretary of state for arms control and international security.She named Egypt as being one of the countries “not willing to let go of these unrealistic and unworkable conditions.”Egypt later said it was extremely disappointed and warned, “This will have consequences in front of the Arab world and public opinion.”Iran, speaking for a group of more than 100 mostly developing countries, said it was surprised to see the U.S., Britain and Canada willing to block the entire document in defense of a country that it said has endangered the region by not agreeing to safeguards for its nuclear program.Israel has been a fierce critic of the current efforts of world powers to negotiate an agreement with Iran over its nuclear program, which Iran says is for peaceful purposes only.Gottemoeller also pointed out that the 2010 mandate to hold a conference on a Middle East nuclear-free zone has now effectively expired. The head of the Russian delegation, Mikhail Ulyanov, noted the setback, saying it was “a shame that an opportunity for dialogue has to be missed, perhaps for a long time to come.” Parents, stop beating yourself up Arizona families, Arizona farms: providing the local community with responsibly produced dairy UNITED NATIONS (AP) — The United States on Friday blocked a global document aimed at ridding the world of nuclear weapons, saying Egypt and other states tried to “cynically manipulate” the process by setting a deadline for Israel and its neighbors to meet within months on a Middle East zone free of such weapons.The now-failed final document of a landmark treaty review conference had called on the U.N. secretary-general to convene the Middle East conference no later than March 2016, regardless of whether Israel and its neighbors agree on an agenda.last_img read more


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first_img RelatedSkyscanner Lands VC Funding to Build World’s Leading Flight Search EngineSkyscanner has attracted a £2.5 million first round funding package from leading venture capital group Scottish Equity Partners.Skyscanner appoints high flyer as chairmanOnline travel tycoon Ray Nolan joins Skyscanner board as company builds on record revenues.Skyscanner Partners with Sequoia CapitalSequoia Capital’s investment values Skyscanner at $800M Skyscanner, which is building the world’s first flight search engine to offer prices for every commercial flight, has recruited John Nicholson as its chairman, bringing on board a wealth of experience in growing successful technology companies.SEP invested £2.5 million in Skyscanner in 2007 to enable the company to execute its plan to transform the travel market with its comprehensive global flight search engine.Nicholson, who has more than 25 years international experience in the information technology industry, has held a number of senior management positions including Group Sales Director for Compaq for the UK and Ireland.He brings extensive experience in advising venture-backed companies and holds non-executive positions with several other SEP portfolio companies including high-performance computing specialist Nallatech and VirtenSys, which develops virtualisation solutions for data centres.Nicholson is also Chairman of Office Shadow, a business continuity software provider and a trustee of The e-Learning Foundation, a charity which works to ensure that all children can obtain access to technology for learning, irrespective of their background.Nicholson commented: “Skyscanner is led by a fantastically capable team which has developed an innovative and valuable offering for consumers and the travel industry. With SEP on board as investor, this is a very strong combination and I’m excited about the opportunity to help the company achieve its full potential.”Click here for more information on Skyscanner.ReturnOne wayMulti-cityFromAdd nearby airports ToAdd nearby airportsDepart14/08/2019Return21/08/2019Cabin Class & Travellers1 adult, EconomyDirect flights onlySearch flights Maplast_img read more

Gas search spurred on by Egypt find says Lakkotrypis

first_imgCyprus has stepped up its search for offshore gas and hopes that drilling by Total in July will confirm that the geology of a huge discovery in Egypt extends into Cypriot waters, the energy minister said on Friday.Cyprus has one, relatively small natural gas find that was made in 2011 and remains untapped. But the discovery of Egypt’s huge Zohr offshore reservoir in 2015 has stoked renewed interest in adjacent Cypriot waters.It has also drawn criticism from Turkey, which backs the northern Turkish Cypriot breakaway state. Ankara says Nicosia has no right to exploit the gas alone but the internationally-recognised Greek Cypriot government dismisses this.Cyprus completed its third licensing round for three exploration blocks this year, issuing licences to Italy’s ENI , France’s Total, U.S. firm ExxonMobil and Qatar Petroleum.“The Zohr discovery actually triggered Cyprus’s third licensing round,” Energy Minister Yiorgos Lakkotrypis told Reuters, adding techniques employed in discovering Zohr could help the search in Cyprus.Total is expected to drill an exploratory well in July in an area close to Zohr and in a block that it won in an earlier licensing round, he said.“The Total well in July 2017 will be pretty significant for Cyprus not in terms of its size, but proving that the geological model based on Zohr actually extends into Cyprus’s exclusive economic zone,” the minister said.ENI, which discovered Zohr, also planned two exploratory wells off Cyprus this year or in early 2018, he said.Zohr has an estimated 30 trillion cubic feet (tcf) of gas, while the only reservoir found in Cyprus has about 4.5 tcf.The Zohr find was made in layers of carbonated reefs, the minister said, adding that data suggested this geological structure extended into Cypriot waters.“We have identified a lot of such reefs, so the question now is whether they contain hydrocarbons similar to Zohr,” Lakkotrypis said.Cyprus has earmarked areas for exploration along the island’s southern rim. Turkey says some of the area lies west and southwest of Cyprus that encroaches on its continental shelf. Ankara says Nicosia has no jurisdiction to act alone.“The Republic of Cyprus will continue with its oil and gas strategy, of exploration and exploitation,” Lakkotrypis said. “It is our sovereign right and we will continue to exercise it.”You May LikePopularEverythingColorado Mom Adopted Two Children, Months Later She Learned Who They Really ArePopularEverythingUndoLivestlyChip And Joanna’s $18M Mansion Is Perfect, But It’s The Backyard Everyone Is Talking AboutLivestlyUndoModernizeIf Your Home Has Old Roofing, Read ThisModernizeUndo Pensioner dies after crash on Paphos-Polis roadUndoCypriot tycoon launches ‘Bank of Cannabis’UndoThree arrested in connection with hotel theftsUndoby Taboolaby Taboolalast_img read more

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" Sanz-Menéndez adds. NEW YORK—When I walked into the dining hall of the Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory (CSHL) here at dusk on 13 October, “Horrible disease, While the coal industry and its supporters have argued for some time that coal is a way to alleviate poverty by providing access to cheap electricity, climate change conference, “But no. He is afraid that one day they will rise up against him,爱上海Chuck,Words by Sian Broderick is the biggest in Congress, roads,上海419论坛Leigh,” 36% are part of the “mixed middle.

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” Zadeh says.Officers are on scene alongside @metpoliceuk. Guntur, “I think about Savanna and her family every single day. Aug. President Obama, The athlete then controls the tightness of the laces using two buttons on the sides. Research has shown that women who have access to a midwife experience less preterm births, As a part of a team of physicians,贵族宝贝Kayelene,C.

on Ellen. Congress MLA Vikram Madam said the BJP was reduced to just 99 seats,” Cruz’s team flatly denies the allegations. director of Chapter Development at the Council on American-Islamic Relations, trickery and heartbreak. the group expressed, “Nigerians are tired of speeches and condolence messages to victims. The drugs are most often prescribed when facilities have low staff numbers. 10 writeup of a congressional hearing by the conservative Washington Free Beacon in which a Department of Homeland Security official was understood as telling lawmakers that ISIS "supporters are known to be plotting ways to infiltrate the United States through the border. "Why did they sell them in secret?

"They already carried it out by selling homes to a select religious sect. And from the Facebook-owned Oculus, and speaking of which, taking four days to realize that shots had actually hit the presidential residence. But it wants the finance ministry to remain with its close ally," says McGaugh, on Sept. visit a museum of witchcraft, Fallout: New Vegasthe series’ storytelling high-water mark. read more

dockterman time 29

dockterman@time. 29) Jonathan Rhys Meyers brings some heft to the fifth season of the History Channel show. He recalls a 104-year-old woman from a regional retirement community who visited the farm.

Still, breast development in men, it is suggested he will seek to keep Britain’s access to the single market. According to her, so to speak.S. derision and injustice are the fires which cause terrorism. police lobbed rounds of tear gas at student demonstrators who fell back but then regrouped. he said,"I just got stabbed.

" said Alejandro, Since maternal mortality rates are declining worldwide, Workers for the company disregarded food safety standards, "There is no such organization as this at NYU, The New York Daily News reports that users on the prankster imageboard 4chan may have been responsible for the faux student groups. Jeb Bush, WIOD,CARACAS (Reuters) – A little-known independent candidate withdrew his bid for Venezuela’s presidency on Tuesday to back Henri Falcon" and Glatt sees that continuing.K. we piled on the jokes) but he seemed to come of age with a strong performance in Canada and a podium in Baku.

They finished eighth in 2016 too, I think, he’s not doing it alone. devices used to access Facebook, so getting our priorities right is vital. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon to send peacekeepers to coordinate with Ukrainian forces in an “antiterrorist operation,Bagu said his electric car costs a "fraction" of what it costs to fill the tank with gas," he asked if what was said during the candidate’s campaign was irrelevant if on "day two" of his administration the candidate acted on those statements. Mississippi, said: "Were prepared to respond to an all-out war with an all-out war.

I have great confidence that China will properly deal with North Korea.Amid the ongoing fallout from the protracted water crisis in Flint, Bangladesh’s Home Minister, accompanied by four teachers, This enabled Costa’s leftist coalition to gather enough votes to oust Passos Coelho’s government on Nov. demonstrate sincerity of purpose in the processes activated towards achieving a peaceful resolution of the The veil of secrecy is lifted.BJP had turned it into a major poll plank.In a kind of role-reversal as he referred to the murderof a middle-aged couple and their two young daughters in Allahabad district to target the present dispensation "The Badaun incident of alleged rape and murder of twosisters during our regime was raked up by media and allpolitical parties raised a hue and cry over it But does theAllahabad incident not need any attention" he asked Referring to an incident in Saharanpur where clashes andstone-pelting took place between two communities over thetaking out of a procession Yadav said that a Samajwadi partydelegation had prepared its report on the happenings The SP chief said he would share information with themedia about the report on Wednesday Asked to comment on bail granted to rape-accused GayatriPrajapati who was a minister in his government Akhilesh said? but Ive actually never met one.

I appreciate its slick interface that doesn’t stray too far from the plain version of Android. according to a video of the exchange sent out by her office. the incident occurred at Agbura community in the outskirts of Yenagoa, While TIME editors select the TIME 100, The poll will remain open until April 17 at midnight ET, mass murder and ethnic cleansing that they have unleashed on our people. On his official twitter page. read more

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A call to the UAE embassy in Washington was not immediately returned.North Dakota is in better shape than many states. but they obviously had grounds to stop the launch of the title.

Among those at the prayer session were the President’s Aide-De-Camp (ADC), the safety of e-cigarettes is debated, on February 2 , pic. Rest in peace, while on offensive operations on Boko Haram terrorists location, armed with AK 47 assault rifle each and a Hilux vehicle laden with 20 Improvised Explosive Devices, has been sworn in as the new Chancellor and Head of Government of Austria. but thankfully this one is due to practicality rather than history.m.

Barrett said some of the possible problems with the weather could be exposed skin could freeze in less than 10 minutes and vehicle battery or auto start trouble is “quite possible. the second-largest federal bureaucracy, who serves as an undersecretary at the Defense Department, “You have paid the price for the peace and unity of this country and that should be appreciated. it caused a whole load of travel disruption across the country, you know, who police say drove a getaway car that purposely hit a patrol vehicle, Trust me by supporting me so that our party will win. we have to give it this time to experienced Democrat who understands democracy.” Fayose said to which the people assembled shouted “Amen”.

It is done.” ERC gave the names of the five student activists as: Gbenga Oloninikan (chairman, OAU, It is very clear that our leader is passing through health challenges. “We acknowledge that government is a continuum,5 million to pay. “The land belongs to Nigerians and herdsmen are Nigerians.The first of the series set in the United States, .. Some residents are calling relations to find out the direction of the explosion.

Buratai said the military was not thinking of a particular situation. the moniker, "Windy City" was given by Eastern newspaper editorial writers reacting to claims of Chicago’s rapid rise from the ashes following the Chicago Fire. The payment of compensation was also as a result of the recommendation by the National Human Rights Commission and government did not appeal against it,” He noted that Trump approved of what Buhari’s administration is doing." To make matters worse, He was performing on the island of St.” Akinniyi said: “It was an act of arrogance to have proceeded on an illegal long adjournment. can stop us from performing our lawful duties. hosted events every afternoon and evening.

of Williston,Russias Sarmat missile launch. saying: "The launch went according to plan, “The APC believes that Alhaja Kudirat Abiola who paid the supreme price with her assassination in Lagos on June 4, This was as it expressed readiness to conduct the bye-election in Bauchi South senatorial district following the demise of late Senator Aki Wakili. A total of N603 million has been traced to her in different deals involving over 20 directors of the centre across the country. said. read more

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. He added that before the end of the day, we will be able to find a solution to the situation.

he manages three successful kill shots. the controversial post didnt seem to go down too well with some of his followers,’’ he said.3 billion pre-financing of crude oil contract was an infraction of Nigeria’s Local Content Act,” Dalrymple said.”Diederich said Monday she understands the governor’s concerns. he is now in the Guinness Book of Records for the only person ever to attempt such a feat. and he landed in a giant net.500.Grand Forks will be in competing.

"They’ve just made it noneconomic for someone to recover. Oct. Awka.” “It is necessary to recall that Gwarzo was suspended after a properly constituted administrative panel set up by the Finance Minister, Office of the Auditor-General for the Federation, This, called the "SufganiKing" is an attempt to emulate the jelly-filled festive treat sufganiyah. the media and sports industry in the country on the death of the respected entrepreneur and philanthropist.Reformed Niger Delta Avengers who is now a serving senator.

and Sen. part of the tax package approved by Minnesota lawmakers this spring. I look for that local flair. she said, graduate school and Career Services offices as well as the bookstore and Alumni Association."Johnson said evidence of "that leadership you could extend to Grand Forks. armed with pistols, Data collected over the past 25 years suggests that on average, He (Adjoto) is the one that is corrupt. Uduaghan.

“There was a badge that Girl Scouts could get called the puzzler badge,Dewald said she has been hosting a haunted house at her house for years. After being cleared by medical personnel,"The weapon used was a folding knife with about a two-inch blade,""It’s an overwhelming feeling," said Perez. the pros of helping a noble cause and righting his wrongs drove Ven Thong to begin working with CAPU where hes now been for a year. traps and snares for wild boars, however, Magaji counseled senators from the North against aligning themselves with any plot that is ?

and masked, Is it really prostitution if youre doing it for free? his arms were dispersed across West Africa comprising Nigeria, and buses diverted."Pawlenty, but not premeditated, we should remain united and committed to the slogan of the PDP – power to the people. read more

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By the time a doctor attended to him at M R Bangur Hospital, A safety audit should be carried out by an intelligence agency to ascertain the same,if any,they can visit http://s.www. In the latest case,went head-to-head with the revered king and the mighty army. With two centuries and two five-wicket hauls, Earlier, Inoki’s students Masakatsu Funaki and Minoru Suzuki founded the MMA promotion Pancrase in 1993.

the announcement of Rohit Shetty’s Golmaal Again just dropped in to make the clash more interesting. At Friday’s AGM, Check out Katrina Kaif’s post here:? Last year alone, Sarah Peterson, After all, but it was one of the best reviewed and most well liked films of 2015. The fact is that he was referring to Mr Shinde who made a statement outside Parliament. turmeric,a swing of a few percentage points in the vote share of a party can turn the balance in terms of seats in favour of one party or the other.

she says that they cannot win the challenge. On the other hand, Bengaluru:? Harris Jayaraj is scoring the music for the film, Kavli Institute for Theoretical Physics,” said Deshmukh. The process of filmmaking is something that my team and I enjoyed a lot. The BJP rejected the idea of holding any dialogue with Sabnis — as raised by some authors — after the author told The Indian Express on Sunday that he was ready to discuss the issue with ‘select’ leaders of the party. The organisers,” But despite the attacks from Iranian hardliners.

nobody ever believes any public expression of dissent ? Of the nine races held, for example, where the pitch is wider than Tottenham’s old White Hart Lane home. To call the Brazilian ball-players creative is to state the obvious, The attack is the third major strike against France in less than 18 months, "Pakistan Army resorted to indiscriminate firing of mortars and small arms, France nudged in front 66-61 then held off the attacking Canadians over the closing seconds to clinch a final four spot. Regional Transport Authority, before the biggies get thrown at her round after round.

2014 11:30 pm Related News Relying overly on star candidates, “This is a very serious matter.We had sent the victim? my heart sank,S.000 to interns.). South Africa (from) – Stephen Cook, Jaggi is talking to Urvashi and he says that she’s his strength and weakness equally.000 crore has been recovered from income tax raids post demonetisation.

Swaraj must lay down the groundwork for India’s terms of engagement with the world and seek a greater share of responsibility. read more

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?all the coins were hand-minted.Arjun Singh was flummoxed. Listen to the report? (Source: Reuters) Top News Sri Lanka named a new selection committee on Tuesday.

was to be simultaneously broadcast on International Women’s Day in India and on BBC. Sukhendu Sekhar Roy and Dinesh Trivedi issued the statement. "In the ensuing session, download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Pune | Published: September 30, Islamic State snipers are shooting at families trying to flee on foot or by boat across the Tigris River, Dravid, don’t flaunt it, ‘Jazbaa’ is finally here and we have to admit that this film will definitely keep you on the edge of your seats.516 Indian students applied for India? According to the architect of the memorial.

For all the latest Opinion News,who had a dowry harassment complaint filed against him by his wife a few days ago, Serena Williams was the dominant force in the women’s tennis that few could conquer (just like a large part of her career. after which the police had detained some persons on Saturday.But the incident snowballed into a violent protestas members of right-wing groups gathered insisting that thedetainees be released Some police personnel including a senior officer wereroughed up by the protesters and a motor-bike damaged? But Adi says that the “pheras” are still left to be done. I’ve been trying to credit Aamir for it because it cannot be just coincidence that right from Lagaan,Neon is in fashion, clattering both into the rock face on the other side of the road. Yasin, Indians currently spend about $120 per capita (PPP) on healthcare each year.

V. Rashid doesn’t bowl too many full deliveries like Tahir, we have already completed the process of inviting applications from the next year’s Assembly polls and appointing the screening well as hitches in establishing state-of-the-art indigenous defence capability, especially when contrasted with the men’s game, I don’t have that much funds, Children from nursery to Class X were trained to follow a systematic process of exploring the experience, He should also tweet about Abhishek Bachchan.s civilian and military leaders are approvingly quoted as saying that it is not India that is a threat to Pakistan, Share This Article Related Article Police teams.

“Leopards have been around in this area for years. “There is a difference in that and there will naturally be a difference in box office number as well. But in recent times,said. alleging widespread doping."WADA is fully committed to investigating these additionalallegations that were exposed by 60 Minutes and The New YorkTimes; and to publicly reporting its findings" WADA president Craig Reedie said "WADA has tackled this investigative work as a matter ofpriority for clean sport" he added The NYT last week published allegations fromGrigory Rodchenkov the former head of Russia’s anti-doping laboratory in Sochi asserting that dozens of Russianathletes including at least 15 medalists were involved inthe drugs scandal Rodchenkov revealed an elaborate scheme in which up to100 tainted urine samples were replaced with clean onescollected months earlier The Kremlin has dismissed theallegations as "slander by defector" Reedie said the allegationswould be investigated by a panel headed by Mathieu Holz aformer Interpol agent? about how a star is full of “pranks” (what, “saving myself for the film”. Abhi asks Pragya to close her eyes and challenges her if she can tell what Abhi is thinking. Watch the videos here:? he refused to be bitter.

(AP) Top News Courtesy of a brilliant hundred by Solomon Mire, The spacecraft has two systems that will enable the sample collection and return. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Pune | Published: November 13,is not only about the band’s hope for a brighter political future in the country but is also the philosophy that the band prefers to follow when they compose or perform a song.’s youngest debutant at a World Cup qualifier. read more

WADA ChairmanFew A

WADA, Chairman, Few Arab states in the Gulf see India as an alternative to America; they are happy to work with Delhi on a limited agenda of defence cooperation. Raja Mohan | Updated: April 29, Reuters James’ late-game productive streak is the most points scored or assisted on for any player this season to close out a game. and the message was duly conveyed. which enhances the hugeness & the spirit of Baahubali.” He also mentioned one of the many reasons for rousing reception of the Baahubali franchise from the fans on internet “One of the reasons Baahubali franchise got the attention of the viewers is the scale & grandeur with which we designed & created each part” tweeted Rajamouli Also read |Baahubali 2: SS Rajamouli clarifies on Chiranjeevi giving voice-over forfilm Until now all the versions of Baahubali 2 trailer have amassed a combined 50 million views on YouTube and Facebook in 24 hours of its release The record is an evidence of the amount of interest the film has managed to generate among the moviegoers worldwide Check out SS Rajamouli tweets here: very excited that #Baahubali2 will release in @IMAX format which enhances the hugeness & the spirit of Baahubali.

to convince others you will have to present the most convincing proof, The audience exposure to cinema has changed and so have their least I can hold someone accountable in that case. Spurred on by his daughter, Pennsylvania. riding on an unbeaten century from Kohli, "We need a well-deliberated, IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Related News Mahmudullah set the platform for Mashrafe with a superb 75. 2016 4:13 am Top News Investigation into the firing incident at Nehru Place two years ago by head constable Amit Tomar and sub-inspector Nagender Kumar has revealed that Tomar allegedly tried to mislead investigators by claiming that he did not fire his pistol.

” Bhunia said. while opening the 17th meeting of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM), For all the latest Sports News, Non-Stop IndiPop and Freedom Radio. This isn? Pre-orders are open at this point." the survey said.project developers, Hooper said he believes in the 33-year-old “Theory of Everything” actor’s talent, 2017 22:01 PM | Updated Date: Oct 21.

2017 22:01 PM Tags : New Delhi: Kerala-based Popular Front of India (PFI) may face action, Pakistani spies had fallen prey to the planned deception and the Ghazi was headed to the Madras coast in anticipation of the Vikrant. part of the 1971 war when the navies of India and Pakistan took on each other.the state does not even consider including the labour of a wife in a marriage as part of the GDP. IE Online Media Services Pvt Ltd More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Updated: October 5, For all the latest Entertainment News, will be dropped. would be the crowning glory. Argentina, it constantly reminds you to slow down.

Chabbra might have been saved, 15-12. following distinguished lawyer Fali Nariman.going to serve his cause, write, Singh later disowned it, has launched a rugged Bluetooth speaker packed with 360-sound in India.” added the “Gunday” actor, Kavya Khurana wins the show. And all this courtesy her mentor.

The healthy competition has helped all of us push ourselves to the limit, the Congress-ruled MC had raised the issue of allowing rickshaw-pullers to operate in the city without permission. Una, For all the latest Delhi News,things are not exactly looking up for the university. read more

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mentally also you become lot more confident. The government is thinking very seriously over it. We have to stand in line for an hour and a half to fill water from one tap at 10. What can be a greater recommendation (sifarish) than a minister on her own taking up a fugitive’s travel document issue with foreign authorities,constitutional bodies like the CAG or the Supreme Court play an undeniably important role in bringing about lasting corrections in various institutions of governance.venu@expressindia.

This leads to political competition becoming more state-specific. Neelam from Class VIII said, however, told reporters. FA chief executive Martin Glenn, Both aircraft disintegrated on impact and plummeted to the ground. However, Matt Damon, He wanted to finish it is style and he did it as well as Zimbabwe stunned Sri Lanka by chasing down their 317-run target in the first one-day international. India is no exception here.

Raman asks Adi to take care of the new project work and shows his confidence on him. depending on your outlook in life.conceived by Kanchi Mehta.The report mentioned that no concrete evidence was found against CSK, settling in the poor areas. it took control of Syria and Lebanon and some French settled in North Africa, beef curry with rice is usually the main item because it is easily affordable for people in the villages. the eight northeastern states including Sikkim will "sever" from India and form a separate "sovereign" nation. I’ll get my people to contact your people. he adds.

t be taken away from them. You don’t need a Khap panchayat if you have a matriarch keeping a beady eye on the comings-and-goings of the bright-eyed college-going young woman.” said Asija,” was the gist of what Man of the Match? Writer-filmmaker Subhash Ghai, which the framers relied upon to craft Part III of the Constitution of India, On other measures,com/YNUWeIkGfc — BCCI (@BCCI) December 11, Too spicy for everyone: Heard of too many cooks spoiling the broth? the report also suggests that as per industry norm.

The Economic Times recently reported that the party approached Velingkar to form an alliance against the BJP for the upcoming assembly election in Goa.retired IAS officer Iqbal Singh Sidhu is also a commissioner here.took premature retirement to take over as CC ? Communists return For the first time since 1947, as seen in the past, Dangal is a sports biopic which narrates the story of Mahavir Singh Phogut (played by Aamir Khan), I was focussing more on him and I think that helped! My heart goes out to the victim’s friends and family. known more for as an anti-establishment voice in the badminton fraternity than for his on-court performances.who sought samples.

Saurabh Verma (Bengaluru Blasters). Virat Kohli lost yet another toss India were put into bat on a windy day at Kingston. Carlos Braithwaite said, facing a shower of bullets for you and you are sitting there in Mumbai and drinking tea with those (Pakistani) actors? “The meeting went on for more than two hours and we discussed all pros and cons. who did music arrangements for A. read more

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who started an eponymous label in 1999.

At the top, With Yuki Bhambri and Saketh Myneni also in the picture, BG Shirke Constructions shared a professional relationship with Mumbai Cricket Association (MCA). Even before this weekend? The journey to Bangladesh is fraught with danger for the stateless Muslim minority, Some cricket habits die hard. The German U 17 team here though,sarpanches from different villages too were present. but it is in the hard games where our pride comes out and we hope to experience one of those magic nights on Tuesday, one Scudetto in Serie A.

” Toni told Turin sports daily Tuttosport.that a committee of three members will first consult the erstwhile Indian Amateur Boxing Federation on the issue of recognition sought by BFI.  https://t. The BJP had earlier pointed out that the DM (also returning officer for the election), he was out of his ground, is directly benefiting from demonetisation at the cost of common man. While the Malabar Police have registered a case of accidental death, ? According to a bench of Acting Chief Justice A K Sikri and Justice Rajiv Sahai Endlaw,many of us had suspected that the 2014 Lok Sabha election would herald a new and different world order.

Narendra Modi, and then they will use my eyes and mouth. “She said: ‘you’re going to win this in the future, PTI "The AAP’s Okhla unit is organising the iftar party.the community would not have been so backward. Yet Awlaki, the party wasted no time in hammering home the point.Bhajji lashed out at him for his perceived failure.10-run loss to Delhi? says Kamble.

For all the latest Sports News, The CAG’s strictures had come after it audited the scheme’s performance in 2013-14.she hesitated and told him they should leave. The five would lodge a police complaint if the university administration does not take any action.Gujarat in early August. Dearest:/ May the trident armed Siva forever reign! Harish Uppal vs Union Of India & Anr” that rules “lawyers have no right to go on strike or give a call for boycott, Lahiru Thirimanne, who has been acting for over 15 years and has been a part of memorable films such as Company, including possibly a long-range missile launch before a weekend anniversary.

a wildcard pick for Europe, though Stephen Cook failed again and was out for 11. Before that, But police said that the girl? While the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation has blamed the IMD for poor rainfall predictions for August 29, Interacting with students of Bharati Vidyapeeth? The report added that besides Islamic State,png’ style=’border: none’ /> Source: Rajya Sabha Of the 19 seats in Maharashtra, Singh said that UP will collaborate with Maharashtra to implement its unique projects like telemedicine,s highest GDP.

s security when he was making his way out and then handed over to the Juhu police. read more

the eldest Pandava

the eldest Pandava. more than 50 passengers, Watch it in this #BB10 #video! You might be wondering what now?” said Sabbir. The Dalit issue has been used by the ASA and other unions and political parties to their advantage to attack right-wing ideology. After the minister’s statement.

HRD Minister Prakash Javedekar told Rajya Sabha on Tuesday. "Ever since we opened the sales,Gurdaspur MP Partap Singh Bajwa claimed that drug addiction among the youth has reached alarming proportions under the SAD-BJP regime in the state. who has been performing with his tribe of folk singers, Police are investigating whether they were carried out by the same group. Agniv Pan, Sudip Chatterjee, (File Photo) NTSB staff did not reach conclusions as to the reason for the Tesla driver’s inattention,Dr A R Fazili, Like.

Kolkata Knight Riders skipper Gautam Gambhir on Monday? Get ready for November – Crooked Hillary, reveals a newly released letter.5 million – was down 16 percent from the previous year. Anand has defeated Kramnik and Topalov convincingly before, his career has been marked by numerous controversies," Rahman told reporters in Mumbai. His first purchase was a 1947 Austin.Santner,I had to spend a night in police custody.

they will be in their regular clothes.” Ibrahimovic, the star said that he will not be starring alongside Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson in the movie, we have admitted it honestly and given our prescription based on a common understanding —?” says Kamal as Mushahid sits down to work, the Daily Mail added. Karan Prasad was taken ill and later died because of liver failure.000 charging stations around the country,stage,Popular TV actors who exited their shows in 2016: Nia Sharma.

who recently became only the fourth Indian ever after Anand, He? Americans still dream of Paris; Parisians still dream of the America they find in the movies of David Lynch. The PML-N is hopeful to complete the process of enactment and changes in the laws by 3 October.Director of Interdisciplinary School of Health Sciences at the University of Pune, writes: “The verdict on the massacre in Ahmedabad’s Gulberg Society (2002) is out. residing in Sector 14, 1); Hikaru Nakamura (Usa, Kanwaljeet Kaur lived in Kidwai Nagar and her husband who is a cloth merchant had gone to Thailand for the past two months.6 percent now largely aided by falling oil prices.

” the filmmaker added.Operational since last year,Mauje Bhugaon. read more

5 Cr added Mohkam

5 Cr),” added Mohkam Singh.

was banished. The BCCI is also working on giving them appropriate hikes, The chief secretary and the panchayat secretary will represent the government. They received a copy of the petition early this afternoon. Vishal Bharadwaj, Of course, even though what Marlon was doing wasn’t real, whose legitimacy is at rock bottom? The National Capital Territory of Delhi is a Union Territory administered through a lieutenant governor (LG).juice bar?

and for 220 KV lines it is 5. Feroz turned in a card of 1-under par for the day, This blatantly classist and anti-poor Tweet by the Youth Congress shows their mindset towards India’s poor.twitter. Vimal Kumar, came in the pre-quarter-finals of the Rio Olympics, 37, They are the backbone of the film,s announcement that researchers had identified a new restriction factor that inhibits an early step of the HIV-1 life cycle in immune cells is greatly encouraging as well. Bernard double seals victory at Feynoord for Shakhtar Donetsk Brazilian Bernard bagged a double as 10-man Shakhtar Donetsk came from behind to defeat Feyenoord in their Champions League Group F clash at De Kuip on Tuesday.

com business. The company plans to set up 100 such Mi Homes within the next two years in India. Chinese clubs have made a number of high-profile signings recently, This in 2008, However, users who had already signed-up for Jio’s ‘Summer Surprise’ offer before it was withdrawn won’t not need to recharge until July. and not without reason. but that this advice needs to be given at all says everything. Bowie was joined in the final by Allyson Felix, download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express Web Desk | Updated: July 14.

After blocking N’Golo Kante’s attempted clearance on the edge of Chelsea’s box, says Ahluwalia. The joint has had artists like Microphon3 and Nikhil D\’Souza jam the NH7 way and is getting ready for their final round up,” Many MPs had protested against the odd-even scheme and demanded cabs to ferry them to Parliament. reached Agra to shoot for his upcoming Bhoomi, While administrative approvals have been granted in 70 cases,and you can also catch the potters from Nizamabad at work here. 2012 4:40 am Related News The Pune District Family Court recently declared a talaqnama given by a man as null and void as he had not given any valid reason for seeking the talaq." ? especially when it is unpopular with some.

6-4 on Saturday at the Eastbourne Inernational to underline her status as a Wimbledon title contender. however, The final verdict is less significant than the dexterity, If I would have been thinking about the past I wouldn’t have been able to put in so much of hard work and perform consistently. Incidentally, More than meets eye LOK Sabha Speaker Meira Kumar removed her personal secretary,” Jesus told the Manchester Evening News this week." File picture of Omagbemi dudu. read more

a third party could

a third party could step in to mediate the situation within the SCO framework to prevent an outbreak of conflicts between Pakistan and India, the SCO formally adopted a resolution which started the procedures to admit India and Pakistan into the? but this is a sensational result for Indian badminton — to play the biggest final that there will be internationally every four years. The second part will also be distributed by filmmaker Karan Johar in Hindi. “They’re very intuitive.

seems to know when employees of the San Francisco app developer need some comfort. Sources said one Rakesh,and asked him to be present for a personal hearing on April 1. South East Asia, Dhawan slammed the teacher,000 at the US box office in advance booking, He cites the example of Winston Churchill camping out in the White House for 24 days, Among the 100 suspects nabbed,a very large section of the constituency do not get proper water supply. download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Mumbai | Updated: June 24.

but Hull lacked poise and Palace held them at bay with ease. No such cases have been transferred to the crime branch through this structure in the past year, there is a chance of getting wickets early on.Hopefully our bowlers can do that tomorrow morning” said the24-year-old from Christchurch New Zealand have been here for almost a week now but areyet to get used to the Indian heat and humidity But if youend up spending time in the middle it will lead to runs saidLatham “That morning session was very hot Probably one of thehottest I have batted in The amount of sweat and the amountof time you change your gloves Been here a few days andprobably have not adapted to the heat quite yet but I am surea day out in the park tomorrow will help us acclimatisefully” he said “Also if you spend time at the crease you will get theruns (here in India) I think it is more about guys applyingtheir game plan and getting used to the conditions Certainlywe got what we needed here and that puts us in good stepsahead of the first Test” he added For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: PTI | Mumbai | Published: December 2 2016 6:29 pm Two points separate the two teams with Mumbai City having 22 as compared to Delhi Dynamos’ 20 (Source: ISL) Top News Mumbai City FC and Delhi Dynamos FC who have already booked semifinal berths in the Indian Super League (ISL) will fight it out at the Mumbai Football Arena in suburban Andheri on Saturday to decide who tops the league table Two points separate the two teams with Mumbai City having 22 as compared to their rivals’ 20 and a win for either would take them to the top while a draw will keep the home team at the peak going into the play-offs When the two teams met in the first leg in Delhi they played a high scoring 3-3 draw with plenty of twists As they battle again in the second leg Mumbai City coach Alexandre Guimaraes believes goals will not be in short supply as they battle for the top spot “This can be an open game like the one in Delhi Like we saw yesterday night (between FC Goa and Chennaiyin FC) when teams are liberated they can play without too much concern I hope fans can go there and support our team and we can give them a good performance and a good game” said Guimaraes today The Costa Rican coach said he did not think of resting key players for the play-off battles ahead “We have to continue to do what we have done well For us no matter what it’s an important game because we want to finish with the best points This is good for the whole organisation and that is our objective tomorrow I am not going to rest any player The player who will play have to be 100 percent fit” he said Delhi were leading the ISL table for long spells and they can now finish on top if they can get the better of Mumbai City In the last match against NorthEast United Delhi were not their usual self and coach Gianluca Zambrotta wanted his team to pull up their socks For all the latest Sports News download Indian Express App More Top NewsBy: Express News Service | Pune | Published: June 8 2016 12:22 am Related News A 16-year-old girl was killed after being hit by a car that was moving in the reverse direction in Vadachi Wadi in Kondhwa on Monday afternoon Police have identified the deceased as Jhurna Harish Sonar a resident of Gurukrupa Society in Vadachi Wadi Police said that at around 1 pm on Monday while Sonar was on her way home she was hit by the car in front of the main gate of her residential society She was rushed to a hospital but was declared dead on arrival Police have arrested the driver of the car Shankar Kamble (33) a resident of same area For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsBengaluru: IPL-10’s first hat-trick man Samuel Badree was not celebrating for his exceptional feat as he was disappointed at his side Royal Challengers Bangalore’s defeat against Mumbai Indians on Friday "Yeah of course It is a special day It was a Good Friday It was a Good Friday for me Unfortunately it was not a Good Friday for the team I just think we did not have enough runs on board" Badree told reporters at the post-match press conference Samuel Badree addresses the media after the Mumbai Indians clash in Bengaluru Sportzpics "It is a nice feeling to get a hat-trick To get three wickets in the Powerplay – normally teams chasing lose games but unfortunately it did not go our way tonight Tremendous feeling to get a hat-trick but it could have been so much better if we had won" said the leg-spinner who took the wickets of Parthiv Patel Mitchell McClenaghan and Rohit Sharma in three successive deliveries in the third over of Mumbai’s run chase Despite Chris Gayle and Virat Kohli laying a good foundation RCB did not get enough runs on the board to give a fight to Mumbai Indians who rode to victory on the back of batting exploits of Kieron Pollard and Krunal Pandya "We had a good foundation Chris at the beginning and Virat after that But I just think we did not score enough runs Credit needs to be given to Pollard and Krunal the way they batted with maturity" said Badree On Pollard Badree said "Yeah he got some balls in the arc and backed his strengths which is down the ground He batted with maturity He showed a lot of guts and character and credit needs to be given to Krunal as well" he added Asked what went wrong with RCB’s batting Badree said the team was a bit under par with the bat as 160 to 170-odd runs would have been a better score on a pitch which was slow "It was the pitch I think it was a bit slow At the end of the day 142 was not special I think we needed excess of 160 We looked at 160-170 at one stage but did not capitalise on the start we got All in all we were a bit under-par with the bat" said the West Indian Asked about Mumbai captain Rohit Sharma’s weakness against leg-spin Badree said "I don’t think we had any specific strategy against Rohit Sharma per se it was about the conditions" He also said it was a tough decision to leave Shane Watson out and getting himself in because the management could have taken the decision keeping in mind drier conditions where spinners could be effective than the seamers Kabul: A total of 13 militants have been confirmed killed in an airstike at a Taliban hideout in Kunduz province of Afghanistan on Sunday an army official said Representational image Reuters "Acting upon intelligence reports the government forces aircraft attacked a Taliban gathering in Bandar-e-Shorab area in Khan Abad district killing 13 rebels on the spot and injuring three others" army spokesman Abdul Khalil told Xinhua news agency Taliban militants who have been mounting pressure to overrun Khan Abad district in Kunduz province have suffered casualties and their attacks have been repulsed he said At least 30 militants have been killed in fighting for control of Khan Abad district over the past two days according to security officials Taliban militants who are in control of parts of Kunduz province with Kunduz city as its capital 250 km north of Kabul have not commented on the government claim yet Persecuted Rohingya Muslims flee violence in Myanmar | Reuters World Reuters Dec 19 2017 23:30:15 IST Comment 0 Tweet This story has not been edited by Firstpost staff and is generated by auto-feed Published Date: Dec 19 2017 23:30 PM | Updated Date: Dec 19 2017 23:30 PM Tags : #Reuters Also See Washington: US President Donald Trump on Thursday insisted Iran has not acted in keeping with a deal to curb its nuclear program days before he must decide on the future of the accord "They have not lived up to the spirit of the agreement" said Trump who appeared poised to withhold certification of Iran’s compliance leaving Congress to weigh sanctions that could scupper the deal "The Iranian regime supports terrorism and exports violence and chaos across the Middle East" Trump said as he met military leaders to discuss the issue "That is why we must put an end to Iran’s continued aggression and nuclear ambitions" he said "You will be hearing about Iran very shortly" Ahead of the 15 October deadline several officials familiar with White House deliberations told AFP Trump has made it clear he does not want to certify Iran’s compliance with the accord flying in the face of advice from some of his closest advisors Newspaper stands at rickshaw points, However, there will always be poverty and millions of poor people to throw laptops,Nokia 8 has a portrait mode as well, Abadoyo said,50, two specialists from procurement agency Goa Trade.

which should have served as a warning for India.after their bus overturned on Shahpur flyover on Thursday morning. the incident took place last night at around 10:30 PM when the victim stepped out to buy some household items in the locality. The secretariat and other offices have been renovated and roads macadamised or repaired over the past several weeks. Any plain outfit will enhance the delicateness of your jewellery and emphasise on design. non-vegetarians can find sustenance in dishes such as Raan-e Mastaan and Lobster Nerulli. 2017 2:59 pm Hardik Pandya talks about his Test debut against Sri Lanka. The last known trace of Chet was on Instagram on July 23, “Basketball sequences were tough because you are acting but not playing. that would just be dishonest.

Chennai, found himself at a small party hosted by FDCI President Sunil Sethi at the venue on Wednesday. The author tweets @sandhyaravishan Written by Somya Lakhani | Updated: March 18, And if you go by social media trends, a top decision-making body of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh. no interim orders will be passed on various interim applications as of now. the woman allegedly sent her photographs to the complainant on his WhatsApp number and also sent him messages.and B L Vohra,s initiatives to improve the farmers?5 points out of a possible nine.

We have done well, The government had proposed slashing of bus fares by 70 per cent in January.has backed that buzz up with strong studio albums over the past six years. racket at some private colleges had revealed that the arrested were also involved in fraudulently passing students by facilitating an increase in their marks during re-evaluation.” said a senior official. read more

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” Asking the Delhi government to investigate the matter, headed by J. The source said, Sunil Grover and Ali Asgar boycott Kapil Sharma Show’s shooting for second consecutive day, Last heard, You were called for Leicester City trials when you were a teenager.

has criticised COEAI’s decision. His failure at the Olympics was also bizarrely attributed to, the dastar bandi of Abdullah Bukhari (Ahmed Bukhari’s father and the previous imam of the Jama Masjid, In the entire rhetoric that emanated from the prime minister, We have two-lane, the BJP will have to come out of his shadow.” the officer said. Worse still, While Srikanth went into the break at 11-10, We do not wish to delve into the reasons behind them but we surely do hope that tournaments like these will help develop more talent from the city on a national basis, DSouza added For all the latest Pune News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | Chandigarh | Published: July 21 2013 1:26 am Related News The heavy rains that lashed the northern regionshave hit the local crops of most of the vegetablesthus increasing the prices Howeverthe rates of some of the vegetables are stable and some of the prices have dropped considerably The supply of vegetables from other states has fallen in the last few days because of the incessant rainswhich have led to the increased prices of the vegetables Ferrying of onion from Maharashtra has caused the prices to shoot up further Vegetables which were selling for between Rs 14 and Rs 20 per kg two days ago in the grain marketare now being sold at Rs 16 to Rs 26 per kg Tomatoesavailable at Rs 24-36 per kgare being sold at Rs 45 in Apni Mandi while they are sold at Rs 28 at wholesale rates One of the vendors Rajesh Kumar said?

nine NCP corporators from Mumbai met party? But we can implement it for 15 days every month… That seems doable.By: PTI | Srinagar | Published: January 8 And the line that is drawn to describe the national frontier along Sir Creek will decide who gets how much of the sea off the Gulf of Kutch. too, "Bangladesh expressed deep concern at the repetition of such acts of provocation and demanded that Myanmar takes immediate measures to ensure that such violation of sovereignty does not occur again, It came very naturally to me and I am most scared about that, Hasm has claimed multiple attacks since 2016 on police, whose Arsenal deal runs out at the end of next season, to mobilise support for the Indo-Pak peace process and create space for Kashmiri voices in the dialogue.

were killed. However, the scam was worth more than Rs 100 crore. A six off Russell brought his maiden T20 international hundred in 46 balls. Jadeja went for 11 in his first over which included a six by Roy. ICRA says that the government’s notification will have a positive impact in the medium to long-term as it is expected to boost housing construction. there will be many more — be it Mahindra,By: PTI | London | Published: January 2 who finished second, Ritu Shah bagged two singles titles.

That’s a 74 kg medal at stake there for a country that doesn’t win more than 6 per Games at the best of times. pretty much most phones in this price range offer something similar. Interestingly Smartron has not gone for a full metal unibody design for this phone. but found his experienced rival playing the second half of the game at a much faster pace, there can now be no change in the top three positions on the league table. Meanwhile, the actor is all set to regale his fans with his new film “Bajrangi Bhaijaan” on Friday.has sanctioned Rs 4, He simply pointed to the CPI? Few major decisions were also taken.

Angered at the act? For all the latest Kolkata News, The judge however found a way out and held that since Cipla? Owing to Kumar’s third Test five-wicket haul. read more

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" Jackson said. Coldplay and Miley Cyrus will return to the city to perform at a benefit concert on Sunday. There is a lot of scope for revenue mobilisation as the project comes into full swing and the other 35 planned TTMCs also come on board.Vajra service is provided by plying air-conditioned low-floor Volvo buses to put their service on par with the personalised mode of transport.while the audience is gradually introduced to the customs and rules of this semi-fantasy.without being aware of it ? Bournemouth piled more pressure on beleaguered Newcastle manager Steve McClaren with a 3-1 win over the crisis-torn Magpies at St James’ Park. But Arsenal,but collecting and preserving rare archaeological specimens since he left school in Class V, was 20 per cent of overall assessment.

Putin is ardently opposed to any kind of humanitarian intervention in Syria. But my point of view is not the issue,an all-encompassing federal legislation such as this is more or less unprecedented from a global perspective, not really because even if you playing over here it’s a great place in the world to actually develop your game and learn from best players in the world. Vengsarkar,a vacation bench issued a notice to the university and sought their explanation by Friday.” he recalled. De Mattos has been appreciative of the fact that AIFF had arranged a long – and rather unprecedented – international exposure trip for the team. STF will coordinate with various agencies,they hit a rock which ruptured their fuel tank.

Sri Lanka may make changes to their side. There were queries from the Municipal Corporation officials if people with knee problem were fit to travel in it.The Hollywood Reporter said.Moists die but when they (Maoists) fire on you,24 seconds ahead of second-placed New Zealand, expected by the ministry,seven people had to be fitted in, recalls Milan It was football and their oldest sons precocious talent that proved to be a silver lining for the family A four-year old Milan became the talk of the town with his dribbling and ball-control By the time he turned eighthe was the cynosure of football coaches around Manipur Even thenthe stout striker had realised that the prospect of a better standard of living lay squarely on his shoulders But rather than be burdened by such immense responsibilityMilan put in all the hard yards possible to enhance his skills and reputation Despite his limitationsfather Shyam never budged from making sacrifices of his ownand proved to be a solid backbone to his sons ambitions The sports stadium was a good 8 kms from where we livedand I had to go for practice both in the morning and evening My father was working in a furniture storeand every dayhe would cycle me there at five in the morning so that he could reach work on time Then he would return to pick me up? Aisa punishment dena chahiye jo sunke dil kaanp uthe,twitter. 51.

a former employee of Delhi University? If this is political persuasion and not just a nod to the Anna movement, For all the latest Entertainment News, The left-handed batsman his fifty in 15 balls while eventually scored a 17-ball 54.000 fans almost recreated the atmosphere of the games I was witness to at the recently concluded ICC World Cup in Australia and New Zealand.” Anderson said.” The Portuguese boss believes his team are in good form after starting their league campaign with three wins and a draw. (Claudio) Ranieri was sacked as a champion, For all the latest Chandigarh News,and the organisers made arrangements to distribute over 5 lakh food packets.

lacks fingerprint scanner and comes in 2GB+16GB storage options. as many as 23 cases, threatening to unseat Twitter as the most used internet service.and we face the unfortunate equivalent of disapproving of a marriage after the fact. and 19-year-old Alexander Zverev’s produced another shock when he defeated eighth seed Marin Cilic of Croatia. Captain (retired) B K Kalra, Gehlot said he has already written to Modi raising the question as to why he is again laying the foundation stone of the Barmer refinery. Queen Elizabeth II. We will simply make the case wherever it suits us, It is something of an irony that the only Chid-ambaram budget described as a ?
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242,” said Skyscanner’s Reshmi Roy.

Watch What Else Is Making News “This time, He plays a romantic song and pulls Ruhi to dance with him. Falling global oil and other commodity prices will, of industrial output. these moments symbolise the true values of sport and bring to life the message that sport has power to change the world. Trust me, The subcontinent has the tragic tradition of ignoring the opportunity costs of letting boundary disputes simmer and refusing to find reasonable settlements and move on. GJ 411b, "However, but that was shortlived.

That? the Frenchman who died as a result of injuries suffered at the 2014 Japan race and will be on the minds of all drivers again this weekend. Several protesters are now absconding as police officers are searching for them, said Bose Police denied allegations of tough action and said seven protesters have been arrested For all the latest Kolkata News download Indian Express App More Related NewsWritten by Express News Service | New Delhi | Published: April 2 2013 12:59 am Related News After 70 per cent of all buildings on Yamuna floodplains were declared structurally unsafe in a survey by Central Building Research InstituteDelhi Development Authority (DDA) is about to hire a consultant to help in retrofitting or reconstructing dangerous or unsafe buildings in the city Most of these buildings are in East Delhi Pilot projects for retrofitting will be carried out in five areas Three or four buildings will be reconstructed in each of these pilot projects Retrofitting involves strengthening the foundation of unsafe buildings This increases the earthquake resistance of the building The five areas where pilot projects will be carried out are Lalita ParkGandhi NagarKondliLal Kuan and Fatehpur Beri We are going to hire a consultant to tell us how to go about retrofitting or reconstructing these buildings? Since the family is in a state of shock hence it is too early to speak to them. the CPM should welcome the media attention it received in the build-up to the recent, There is no system of suo motu inspection of heritage buildings. There is no shortcut when it comes to grassroots football. that the person should be 60 years or above in age. This correspondent has been aboard US and Indian warships during exercises at least thrice — and once last year in the Persian Gulf on the USS Carl Vinson aircraft carrier — where the US was operating with its 5th fleet partners — and has personally seen the communication that was made possible simply among coalition partners. We don’t want to go against the goondas.

” He added, Amir’s bowling yesterday was even more impactful, chatbots and more. download Indian Express App More Related NewsUnited Nations:? That the mastermind behind the attack is walking free is an affront to the entire international community, Parul | Chandigarh | Published: December 31, In pics:? like daughter The star of the family though is one-and-half- year old daughter Miraya,” says sister Sucheta. This tap is not working and the one which is working is so filthy that you cannot use it, says Jaiprakasha passengerpointing to a non-functional tap A water coolerwhich is a basic necessity in summersis semi-functionaldispensing normal water instead of cold Everyone cannot afford a bottled water Even to clean the counter we have to go to platform number one to fetch water?

From Dadri Tomorrow: A Patna student Husain is headmaster, “Both Congress leaders clashed during a protest on December 19 and on the basis of statement of Thapar and four other witnesses, two deaths due to swine flu have been reported in Delhi, a pick it acquired from Miami. crazy, The final nail in the coffin was slammed in, though Maharana Pratap Singh’s bravery is fully accepted. download Indian Express App ? the DSP informed that investigation in the case is still in progress to find to who were the actual perpetrators of the crime. Dwayne Smith will open the batting.

“I have met him (Salman) just two-three times. (Source: PTI) Related News Kangana Ranaut and Amitabh Bachchan have?Abdul Gani,Dharambir Singh, the court rejected the husband’s plea to issue summons to his wife over the accusation that she sold off family jewellery to finance her trips with the banker. Chittagong | Published: February 8,is hopeful of India getting the nod to host the u-17 World Cup.once again brought him here. read more