Firefighters School Receives Training Funds

first_imgNova Scotia’s firefighters will be better able to respond to emergencies safely and efficiently thanks to almost $300,000 invested in their training school by the provincial government. Carolyn Bolivar-Getson, Minister of Environment and Labour, presented two cheques to the board of the Nova Scotia Firefighters’ School in Waverley, Halifax Co., on Sunday, April 23. An operations grant of $190,000 will fund the school’s training programs for the fire service throughout the province. A special grant, in the amount of $100,000, will help refurbish the fire school’s burn building. The burn building is a specially equipped structure that is used to simulate a house fire to provide training opportunities for firefighters. “This facility is a vital tool in training paid and volunteer firefighters around the province,” said Ms. Bolivar-Getson. “These grants are an investment in ensuring better on-the-job safety for our firefighters and a well-prepared fire service for Nova Scotians.” The minister congratulated the joint committee that drafted new safety guidelines for roadside emergency responses. The guidelines instruct emergency response workers on safe practices when responding to incidents on busy highways and streets. Several government agencies collaborated to draft the guidelines: the Department of Environment and Labour, through its occupational health and safety and public safety divisions and the fire marshal of Nova Scotia; Emergency Health Services; the Department of Transportation and Public Works, and the RCMP. “Our department is committed to attaining the highest level of safety possible on the job,” said Ms. Bolivar-Getson, “and this new set of guidelines is an important step forward in achieving that goal.” There are about 8,500 volunteer and 500 paid firefighters in Nova Scotia.last_img

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