Kolkata woman death case cracked cab driver arrested

first_imgBengaluru: The case related to the death of a Kolkata-based woman, whose body was found with multiple stab wounds near the international airport here last month has been solved with the police arresting a cab driver on charges of killing her for gain. The woman (32), an event manager, was on her way to the city airport to catch a flight when the incident took place, police said on Saturday. Based on the woman’s belongings including her wrist watch collected from the crime scene, police teams were despatched to West Bengal and Delhi to ascertain her identity, they said. With the help of a woman missing complaint in Kolkata, they finally identified the deceased. After analysing the victim’s call records and mails, the culprit was apprehended on August 21. Investigation revealed the woman, who had arrived here on July 30, had booked a cab after fishing her work to get to her hotel room. After the drop, she had called the driver to ask if he could pick her early next morning to drop her at the airport, to which he agreed.last_img read more

Driving social change through sport

first_imgSt Lawrence High School, School (SLHS), Kolkata, with their alumni St Lawrence Old Boys’ Association (SLOBA) hosted Ensemble 2019 and celebrated International Day of Sport for Development and Peace (IDSDP) on April 6, 2019, at St Lawrence High School ground. The IDSDP is an annual celebration of the power of sport to drive social change, community development and to foster peace and understanding. St Lawrence celebrated IDSDP for the third consecutive year through a White Card initiative. Ensemble 2019 was partnered by ‘Peace and Sport’, Monaco. Also Read – An income drop can harm brainMore than 2000 students of SLHS and other schools of Kolkata along with Joydeep Karmakar Shooting Academy formed a human design on the school field. The pattern represented a pair of hands holding a green leaf with a globe inside it. The impression on the field represented peace and environmental sustainability through sports. Each person standing in the artistic diagram was carrying a national flag of a particular country. The national flags were displayed all at once before flipping it over to the other side, which was a plain white card, symbolising peace through sports and one world. Also Read – Shallu Jindal honoured with Mahatma AwardThe Youth Olympic silver medalist and teenage shooting sensation Mehuli Ghosh was on the field and raised her white card for peace through sport. Mehuli was specially invited by ‘Peace and Sport’, Monaco to join and support Ensemble 2019. Along with Mehuli there were a few notable shooters including Ankur Das, national champion in para-shooting and Abhinav Shaw, the youngest gold medalist in Khelo India. “The environment was somewhat like the one we had in Youth Olympics village, with so many national flags around. In sports, the rivalry is always present, but it is only sports which bring nations, races, ethnicity together. I am happy to be part of celebrating this wonderful day,” said Mehuli The basic intention of the initiative was to make school children aware of the fact that sport can be used as a tool to foster development and peace. Rev Fr Sebastian James s j, principal of SLHS, who has been a great supporter of peace and development through sport movement said, “Initiating and creating a symbiotic relationship among children and adults through sport is very important in today’s world.” Ensemble 2019 also opened a photography contest. Just take a photograph holding a White Card and post it on social media (Facebook or Twitter) between 6 – 11 April 2019, with the hashtags #WhiteCard and #Ensemble2019. The top five photographs will get certificates from Peace and Sport, Monaco and St Lawrence High School. The logo for ‘Expression 2019’, an international painting competition on peace and sport was revealed during April 6 celebrations. ‘Expression’ has received support from many national and international organisations including the International Olympic Committee and World Anti-Doping Agency.last_img read more

Political and security gains in GuineaBissau still fragile warns UN envoy

“The country is indeed at a crossroads,” Joseph Mutaboba, the Representative of the Secretary-General and head of the UN Integrated Peacebuilding Office in Guinea-Bissau (UNIOGBIS), said in a briefing to the Security Council.The increased stability and the more positive political climate in the country remain fragile, he noted. “Consolidating them must continue to be the focus of our concerted efforts.”He reported that, on the one hand, the political and security situation is improving; but on the other hand, the economic reforms are yet to be sustained by other key reforms, notably in the defence and justice sectors.“In addition, there remain serious concerns regarding the lack of commitment by the national authorities to address impunity, drug trafficking and organized crime, despite the potential devastating impact for the country’s stability,” said Mr. Mutaboba, as he presented Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon’s latest report on the activities of the UN Office.UNIOGBIS was set up last year as a successor to the UN Peacebuilding Support Office in Guinea-Bissau (UNOGBIS), which had been in the country since 1999 as part of international efforts to help it recover from civil war in which thousands were killed, wounded or forced from their homes. In the years that followed, the country was still plagued by coups, coup attempts and, in 2009, the assassination of then president João Bernardo Vieira. In his report, the Secretary-General states that the national authorities and Guinea-Bissau’s international partners have taken “commendable” steps towards enhancing political stability, and adds that continuous dialogue between these two actors is vital for enhancing peacebuilding and stability.Mr. Mutaboba said that significant progress was made in recent weeks regarding the coordination of international partners involved in the security sector reform process. Developments include the deployment of the Angolan security sector reform support mission in the first quarter of 2011 and the recent deployment of a military assistance mission from Brazil, which intends to refurbish the former army headquarters.On the political front, the UN’s efforts have focused on the preparations for the national conference and high-level dialogue involving the political leadership and paving the way for the revision of the constitution. “The focus of UNIOGBIS, in coordination with partners, is to ensure that the national conference is more than an event and lives up to its promise of bringing about change, reconciliation and national consensus on critical changes in society,” said Mr. Mutaboba.He noted that while there have been signs of improvement in recent months regarding the political dialogue at the top level of Guinea-Bissau’s leadership, “it has yet to be established if the President, Prime Minister and their respective advisers and teams have reached a sufficient level of confidence to address critical aspects of stability, such as how to handle the issue of the military leadership and how to fight impunity through decisive measures.”He described as a “setback” the recent decision of the Prosecutor-General to transfer the case of the June 2009 political assassinations to the Military Court, given the challenges posed to the constitutional order by the military in recent years, and concerns over the independence and ability of the military to complete this process in a credible manner. In a statement to the press following the meeting, the Security Council noted the progress made by the Government towards the maintenance of stability and the important steps taken in achieving economic reform and encouraged it to continue such efforts.“The members of the Security Council stress the need for the authorities of Guinea-Bissau to intensify efforts to create the enabling environment for enhanced civilian control over the security forces of Guinea-Bissau, in particular the armed forces, and to make progress on security sector reform,” according to the statement, which was read out by Ambassador Nelson Messone of Gabon, which holds the Council’s rotating presidency for June.They reiterated their call on the security forces, in particular their senior officers, to abide by civilian control, and called on the Government and the security forces to participate fully in national efforts to implement current programmes for security sector reform on schedule to create “effective, professional and accountable” security forces that respect the rule of law.Council members also called on the Government to ensure the prosecution “with full respect for due process” of those responsible for criminal acts, such as political assassinations and drug trafficking. 28 June 2011While Guinea-Bissau has witnessed improvements on the political and security fronts, the authorities need to do more to consolidate the gains achieved and to address issues such as impunity, drug trafficking and organized crime, a senior United Nations official said today. read more

UN mourns loss of former General Assembly President Harri Holkeri of Finland

Mr. Holkeri, 74, died on Sunday in the Finnish capital, Helsinki, according to media reports. In addition to presiding over the Assembly session that opened in September 2000, he also served as head of the UN mission in Kosovo, a post he was appointed to in July 2003. In a statement issued last night by his spokesperson, the President of the General Assembly, Joseph Deiss, called Mr. Holkeri’s passing a “a great loss” for Finland and the family of nations.“A skilled mediator and consensus builder and Finland’s Prime Minister from 1987 to 1991, Mr. Holkeri was a remarkable man of peace who served his country and the international community in several political and economic posts over four decades,” said the statement.“Mr. Holkeri leaves a memorable impact on Finland and world affairs,” it added.In addition, Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon sent a letter of condolence to Mr. Holkeri’s family upon hearing of his death. 9 August 2011Top United Nations officials have expressed their condolences to the family of the former Finnish prime minister, Harri Holkeri, who also served as President of the 55th session of the General Assembly. read more

Federal deficit balloons to 38billion on cost of Alberta flood relief

OTTAWA — The federal government says its deficit ballooned to an outsized $3.8 billion in September, but noted much of that was linked to disaster relief related to the Alberta floods last summer.The government’s monthly accounting of its books shows the deficit in September was $1.6 billion higher than the $2.2 billion recorded in the same month last year.Excluding two major unusual items — the cost of relief for the Alberta floods and a $700-million gain from the sale of General Motors shares in September — the month’s deficit would have been $1.7 billion.For the six-months from April through September, the federal deficit was $10.7 billion, compared with $9.4 billion a year earlier.For the first six months of the 2013-14 financial year, Ottawa says its revenues are up $4.3 billion, or 3.5% — while its program expenses are up $5.4 billion, or 4.6%. read more

Government ready to accept foreign assistance

Full Statement: As you are aware, Sri Lanka worked with the main co-sponsor of the Resolution and other members of the Council to achieve consensus. We look forward to your continued support. The spirit of the Government that I represent is to build a nation that is prosperous, a nation where the human rights of all individual citizens are protected, a nation which is a responsible member of the international community, a nation that is confident, respecting the universal values of freedom, equality and justice, and a nation that is at peace with itself and with the world.This new vision is what we now represent in our actions in this Council. You heard clearly the message that the Minister of Foreign Affairs conveyed when he addressed the Council on the 14th of September regarding the steps that Sri Lanka has already taken and intends to take in achieving reconciliation and upholding human rights including the setting up of mechanisms for truth seeking, justice, reparations and non-recurrence through consultations with all stakeholders. You have all seen our written response dated 15th September to the OHCHR on the Report of the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and the Report of the OHCHR Investigation on Sri Lanka which set out clearly, the path we intend to take. We stated that we take note of the Report of the OISL and that we will ensure that its content as well as recommendations receive due attention of the relevant authorities including the new mechanisms that are envisaged to be set up.In this path that we have chosen to tread, we will work with the High Commissioner, his Office, systems and procedures of the Human Rights Council and the international community including our bilateral partners to take necessary steps to safeguard and uphold the human rights of all our citizens. This includes obtaining their advice and assistance. From a culture of impunity where the rights of the individual had been violated for almost a decade, the people sought a change to a New Sri Lanka where ethnic, cultural and linguistic diversity is respected, celebrated and valued; and independent democratic institutions, freedom of expression, the rule of law, good governance and the promotion and protection of all human rights – both civil and political as well as economic, social and cultural rights are upheld.The President and Prime Minister placed reconciliation as well as development as the top-most priorities of the Government. Efforts were launched immediately to restore and renew Sri Lanka’s relations with the international community as a whole to ensure that the benefits of these partnerships and relationships accrue to the people of my country. Soon after the Parliamentary Election on the 17th of August, the President and the Prime Minister worked to forge a National Unity Government that is essential for the political and policy stability required for reconciliation to succeed. The Government says it will work with the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, his Office, systems and procedures of the Human Rights Council and the international community including bilateral partners to take necessary steps to safeguard and uphold the human rights of all our citizens and this includes obtaining their advice and assistance.Speaking at the UN Human Rights Council in Geneva today, Sri Lanka’s Ambassador to Geneva Ravinatha P. Aryasinha said that the Government will ensure that the content of the report on Sri Lanka by the High Commissioner for human rights as well as the recommendations receive due attention of the relevant authorities including the new mechanisms that are envisaged to be set up. As you all know, an epoch making event took place in my country on the 8th of January this year at the Presidential Election when the people voted decisively for change. read more

Human workers can listen to Google Assistant recordings

SAN FRANCISCO — Google said its contractors are able to listen to recordings of what people say to its artificial-intelligence system Google Assistant.The company acknowledged that humans can access those recordings after some of its Dutch language recordings were leaked. Google is investigating the breach.The recordings were obtained by Belgian broadcaster VRT NWS, which noted in a story that they sometimes contain sensitive personal information.Google says contractors listen to recordings to better understand language patterns and accents. Its user terms confirm recordings may be used by the company. This feature can be turned off, but doing so means Assistant loses much of its personalized touch.A Bloomberg report earlier this year also revealed Amazon’s Alexa voice technology uses contractors to review recordings, which Amazon later confirmed.The Associated Press read more

UN rights official urges States to reach accord ahead of world forum

“The conference will be nothing less than a [chance] to discuss the core principles that should underpin this new century,” said UN High Commissioner for Human Rights Mary Robinson in an address to the UN Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC), which is currently meeting in Geneva.The World Conference Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance will be an important opportunity for the world community to commit, for the first time in the post-apartheid era, to a truly global effort to address “the ancient and the modern manifestations of this evil,” Ms. Robinson said.Regional preparatory meetings have recognized that racism is a problem in every country and region, thereby raising its profile as a global issue to an unprecedented level, Ms. Robinson said. The time has come for countries to stop staking out positions and instead come together to reach agreement on a host of delicates issues, some of which touch on national identity.”At a time when the international community is grappling with so many complex global problems we simply cannot afford to fail to find consensus on an issue as clear cut as racism,” the High Commissioner said.The world conference will be held 31 August to 7 September in Durban, South Africa.Back to top read more

Ohio State alumnus LaMonte Coleman guides Marion Blue Racers

The NFL lockout is in full swing, but Ohio State alumnus LaMonte Coleman is working to keep football on the field in Marion, Ohio. Coleman played running back at Division II Slippery Rock University in Slippery Rock, Pa., from 1992–94, but left college to pursue a professional career with the Pittsburgh Steelers and several Arena Football League teams. After retiring from professional football in 2005, Coleman assumed the roles of CEO and general manager of the Continental Indoor Football League’s Marion Blue Racers­ — but not before he came to OSU to finish his undergraduate education. Coleman credits his managerial career to the bachelor’s degree in sports leadership and sports humanities he received from OSU. “My degree got me into it,” he said. “It gave me the opportunity to understand sports management as a whole, including contract law, exercise science; it all mixes into one.” Rodney Swanigan, coach for the defunct Marion Mayhem of CIFL, tried to talk Coleman into coaching. “I said no,” Coleman said, “but he needed somebody with experience to help develop some of these young athletes.” Shortly after Coleman accepted a position on Swanigan’s staff, the Mayhem folded. Coleman’s chance to put his degree to work, and continue a tradition of football in Marion, proved valuable. “I got to see how the business was run,” he said. “I started thinking about ownership, and the rest is history.” Coleman then created a company called Run 42 Sports Group. He owns the Blue Racers and the Columbus Bills, a flag football team. Former Bowling Green quarterback Josh Harris came out of retirement to play for the Blue Racers. Harris, who spent time in the NFL, Canadian Football League and Arena Football League, said Coleman is pointing the team in the right direction. “We have a great group of guys that we are playing with and a great group of administrators,” Harris said. “(LaMonte) is a smart guy. He is a visionary.” First-year coach Ryan Terry, who played college football at Miami (Ohio), agreed with Harris. “It’s been a blast,” Terry said. “(LaMonte) has shown great guidance. I have learned a lot of things as far as business savvy.” The Blue Racers are 8-1 with one game remaining in the regular season, and soon will prepare for the playoffs, which begin Monday. Coleman said he is confident he has the right people in place and that the Blue Racers should stay in Marion for a while. “We are all using our experiences to be leaders in our separate positions,” he said. “It is definitely a treat for me.” read more

More than 7000 people headed for US in migrant caravan —

Share this:Click to share on Twitter (Opens in new window)Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window)RelatedMigrant caravan: Mexico to deport group which stormed US borderNovember 26, 2018In “World”US immigration officials aim to restrict asylum at borderNovember 9, 2018In “latest news”US says border crossing doesn’t have room for asylum seekersApril 30, 2018In “World” CNN photoUNITED NATIONS, United States (AFP) — More than 7,000 people have joined the migrant caravan headed toward the US border with Mexico, a UN spokesman said Monday, citing estimates of the International Organisation for Migration.“IOM reports that large numbers of people are arriving in Mexico today and are likely to remain in the country for an extended period,” UN deputy spokesman Farhan Haq said, urging that they be treated with “respect and dignity.”“At this time, it is estimated that the caravan comprises some 7,233 people, many of whom intend to continue the march north.”Haq said UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres had spoken to several leaders about the situation over the weekend and planned to travel to Washington on Tuesday for talks with US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.“This situation needs to be dealt with in line with international law and with full respect for countries’ right to manage their own borders,” Haq said.“The states in the region need to cooperate on resolving the situation.”Earlier Monday, US President Donald Trump said the United States would begin cutting aid to Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador because they had failed to stop the movement of migrants.Haq said the UN High Commission on Refugees has mobilised to help the migrants, and that the governments involved had been urged to work with the IOM and UNHCR.The UNHCR has deployed an emergency team in southern Mexico, and now has 32 people on the ground on the border, in Ciudad Hidalgo and Tapachula, according to the spokesman.“Numbers will increase in the coming days to address and ensure adequate provision of information on the asylum system to members of the caravan, as well as legal advice and humanitarian assistance to those who seek asylum,” he said. read more

Ecuador licences not at risk Corriente

first_imgCorriente Resources has assured shareholders that its Ecuadorian mining concessions are not in danger despite local media reports that the Government was looking at reclaiming some licences.Ecuador President Rafael Correa had been quoted on radio and television as saying that the Government would look to take back concessions that were not in the exploitation phase or had not had investments into exploration or development.After conversations with the Ecuadorian Ministry of Mines and Petroleum, Corriente has confirmed that its mining concessions are “in good standing” and do not fall under the Presidents definition of non-productive concessions.Corriente is in the midst of completing its Environmental Impact Assessment Amendment and is in “constructive and constant” conversations with the Ministry and communities towards the re-start of activities at the company’s Mirador copper project. These dialogues are focused on environmental protection, sustainable development, as well as state and community participation.To date, Corriente has invested more than $50 Million into the discovery and development of its copper projects in Ecuador, including investments in social programs, education, health care and technical training within communities in the project areas. As part of its long term vision, Corriente is also working with Ecuadorian universities to stimulate research and development of projects and technologies that emphasize best practices in the development of mining to ensure environmental responsibility and long term economic sustainability that improves the quality of life for communities in the country.last_img read more

Japanese girl band apologises after wearing costumes that looked like Nazi uniforms

first_img Share66 Tweet Email Nov 2nd 2016, 12:06 PM Japanese girl band apologises after wearing costumes that looked like Nazi uniforms They wore the costumes on stage, a move which sparked protests. Producer Akimoto also posted an apology on the girl band’s website.“I am very sorry for failing to oversee matters as the producer,” he said.Akimoto, also a lyricist, is the mastermind behind the group and many other similar girl bands, most famously AKB48, which consists of a 100-strong pool of girls in their teens and early 20s rotated in and out of the public eye based on their popularity.Keyakizaka46 have shot to stardom since being formed in 2015 by Akimoto, reaching number one in Japan with their debut single Silent Majority.OffenceThe helium-voiced pop queens are not the first Japanese band to cause offence.Retro rock band Kishidan angered the Simon Wiesenthal Center in 2011 when they wore a costume the Jewish organisation said resembled a Nazi uniform.In neighbouring South Korea, girl band Pritz provoked protests two years ago after wearing bright red armbands strikingly similar to the ones Nazi officers wore.- © AFP, 2016Read: Adolf Hitler’s birthplace to be torn down to stop it becoming a “Nazi shrine”> Source: Eli Dror/Twitter SONY MUSIC AND the producer behind a Japanese girl band that performed in military-style costumes resembling Nazi uniforms have apologised following a protest.Teeny-boppers Keyakizaka46 had sparked anger with their black one-piece dresses and capes, complete with peaked caps bearing a golden bird symbol resembling the Nazi eagle above a swastika, donned at a Halloween concert in Yokohama on 22 October. https://jrnl.ie/3058699 The Jewish documentation, monitoring and human rights organisation in a statement expressed “disgust over the use of Nazi-themed uniforms donned” by the group.Rabbi Abraham Cooper, the Simon Wiesenthal Center’s associate dean, said the display was “inappropriate and deeply offensive” and called for Sony Music Entertainment — the group’s label — and producer Yasushi Akimoto, to apologise.“Watching young teens on the stage and in the audience dancing in Nazi-style uniforms causes great distress to the victims of the Nazi genocide,” Cooper said. Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this articlecenter_img Japanese pop group #Keyakizaka46 caused storm in #Japan after arriving for special concert dressed in uniforms reminiscent of Nazi SS. pic.twitter.com/ZC6c8QQQQw— Eli Dror (@edrormba) November 1, 2016 By AFP Wednesday 2 Nov 2016, 12:06 PM We expect better from an international brand like Sony which has caused embarrassment to Japan.Hours after the statement was issued, Sony Music apologised, blaming its “lack of knowledge in designing costumes that reminded people of Nazi-style uniforms”.“We apologise from the heart for causing unpleasant feelings,” the company said in a Japanese-language statement on its website.The costumes will never be used again. 17,701 Views 44 Comments Short URLlast_img read more

How did the appointment of a judge threaten to bring the government

first_img By Paul Hosford Jun 22nd 2017, 3:25 PM 9,997 Views http://jrnl.ie/3458055 Tweet thisShare on FacebookEmail this article 27 Comments How did the appointment of a judge threaten to bring the government down? The affair has dominated the political agenda this week. Short URL IN THE WEEK since his election as Taoiseach, Leo Varadkar’s agenda, in the public eye at least, has been dominated by one issue: the appointment of Máire Whelan to the Court of Appeal.The affair has caused deep criticism of the government, led to a two-hour Dáil debate last night and highlighted the cracks that exist in the confidence and supply agreement between Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil.But, how did we get here?9 March, 2011 Máire Whelan is appointed in 2011. Source: Leon Farrell/RollingNews.ieMáire Whelan was appointed Attorney General by Taoiseach Enda Kenny.The barrister from Kinvara, Galway, became the first woman to take up the role. She had previously served as head of the Free Legal Aid Centre.She served in the role until June 2017.13 June, 2017 Transport Minister Shane Ross Source: Leah FarrellA short government statement announced that Whelan would leave her role ahead of Leo Varadkar’s cabinet reshuffle.She is to be appointed to the Court of Appeal, replacing Mr. Justice Garrett Sheehan, who retired in March. It was confirmed to Gavan Reilly of Today FM that she had not applied for the position.The same day Minister Shane Ross, who had long been against political appointments of judges, announced a plan to reopen Stepaside Garda Station in his constituency had been approved.The Social Democrats’ Roisín Shortall immediately labelled the appointment “nakedly political”.14 JuneCriticism of the deal ramped up, with Ross being challenged on it in the Dáil. Ross said that there was no quid pro quo on the issue.I learned first about Máire Whelan’s proposed appointment yesterday morning. When I learned about it, there was no conversation about Stepaside Garda station. There has been no link of any sort between the two.Social Protection Minister Regina Doherty said Whelan was “an eminently qualified judge”.16 June Source: Leah FarrellFianna Fáil’s Jim O’Callaghan said there “will be consequences” over the deal. Party colleague Niall Collins had earlier called on Whelan to not accept her appointment.Ross later said the Cabinet would “look at this again” and “see if there’s anything we can do”.It was also revealed that instead of excusing herself from the room, Whelan was present during the Cabinet meeting when her appointment was raised by the then-Justice Minister Frances Fitzgerald.19 June Source: Eamonn Farrell/RollingNews.ieCriticism continued over the weekend, but Whelan was appointed a Court of Appeal judge on Monday.20 JuneThe Social Democrats asked for more answers about the appointment.They asked whether the appointment now meant that Whelan would be excluded from participating in any Tribunal of Inquiry or Commission of Investigations – specifically the Charleton Inquiry.Leo Varadkar, speaking in the Dáil, said that in the past Fianna Fáil had appointed people such as Supreme Court judge Frank Clarke and former Supreme Court judge Adrian Hardiman.Martin replied: “Máire Whelan is no Frank Clarke. Máire Whelan is no Adrian Hardiman.”The Taoiseach responded that he was concerned about aspersions that were being made against Whelan and her capabilities.He said he wanted Martin to be “mindful of the separation of powers” and that he wanted to give him the opportunity to withdraw his comments.21 June Charlie FlanaganA two-hour debate was held in the Dáil to discuss the appointment last night.It became extremely heated.New Minister for Justice Charlie Flanagan said a new bill was part of the government’s aim of “entirely reforming the judicial appointment system”.Jim O’Callaghan dismissed the claim that Cabinet confidentiality prevented the answering of essential questions on the matter.This is a sorry saga, but the fault lies with government.Sinn Féin’s Mary Lou McDonald, meanwhile, said that Micheál Martin – who wasn’t present for the debate – had serious questions to answer based on a telephone call he had with the Taoiseach on the matter last Sunday.She questioned whether Martin attempted to use his influence on the government to prevent Whelan being appointed.Labour leader Brendan Howlin took aim at the Independent Alliance who, he claimed, “clapped through an appointment that they now oppose”.Clare Daly said the appointment was legal, but “political”.Mattie McGrath said “new politics, my foot”.Sinn Féin’s Jonathan O’Brien got into a war of words with Minister Flanagan, after asking how many others applied for the role.Today, Taoiseach Leo Varadkar was asked if the situation had affected Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil’s confidence and supply arrangement. “Obviously the week that has gone by I don’t think has been helpful for either party,” he said. “But we have a written agreement.”He pointed out that the agreement does not require appointments – either judicial or public – to be run by Fianna Fáil, so he doesn’t believe there has been a breach of the agreement.In addition, Varadkar said he doesn’t believe there is any reason the agreement should fall, but over the next couple of weeks they will need to work as parties and have “confidence moves”.Read: ‘New politics, my foot’: Mayhem in the Dáil as TDs get heated on Máire Whelan row Share9 Tweet Email Thursday 22 Jun 2017, 3:25 PMlast_img read more

Forget reporting season try the expectation season

first_img Facebook Twitter: @NeosKosmos Instagram As football followers, most of our disappointment stems from our expectations not being met; whether by a particular player or the team as a whole. This is why AFL clubs tend to keep their expectations in-house. Goals and aspirations discussed internally are not necessarily expressed externally. The theory is that clubs don’t want to provide the opposition teams with a hubristic attitude or further motivation to knock them off. Fans are in turn left to formulate their own expectations of the future ahead (or are left with a heavy heart in the rare instance where a club has actually let the expectation cat out of the bag and failed to deliver). Such issues don’t exist for investors, though. Analysts are constantly moulding our expectations about company profits based on their own forecasts, and up until recently, the outlook statements from management. Come reporting season, when companies release their financial performance, investors react in the same manner as footy fans (minus the membership card and the scissors). It’s all about expectations being met. Clients often ask me: “How is it that BHP announces a $12 billion profit, yet its share price falls two per cent on the same day?” The answer is simple – expectations weren’t met. The market, more specifically, BHP shareholders, expected an even higher profit figure and reacted by selling the stock when they didn’t get it. A company may have met the expectations for the previous period, but might warn investors that trading conditions are likely to become difficult, and that earnings won’t be expected to grow at the same rate as last year. So, even though the profit met the expectations, the share price of that particular company will likely fall. Imagine how you would feel as a supporter, if your team met your expectations one year, but followed that up by saying that they expect to finish bottom four the next. This reporting season saw company management taking a leaf out of the footy club rule book about how to set expectations. Due to the uncertain operating environment, most companies failed to provide earnings guidance. Analysts and shareholders have been left to their own devices to predict what future earnings are likely to look like. The job of an analyst is hard enough having to forecast future cash flow and measure intrinsic value, let alone not being told what to half expect going forward. Good on JB Hi-Fi for telling shareholders to expect a five per cent increase in sales on the previous year. Yes, the impact of increasing costs and consumer behaviour on businesses is sometimes as difficult to predict as player injuries, but companies should stick their necks out a little more and give investors something to aim for, rather than hide behind the usual economic uncertainty line. This particularly applies to companies that missed expectations. A disappointing earnings result and no guidance is asking for share price trouble. Management need to get on the front foot and provide light at the end of the tunnel, no matter how dim. Whether you invest your time, money, energy and heart in your footy team or a company, disappointment is sometimes inevitable. That’s the thing about expectations – if not met, they can sting more than the figure on the scoreboard or the closing price in your portfolio. But come this time of year, that’s what they’re both about. * Sam Fimis is a private client adviser with Patersons Securities and author of Premiership Portfolio: 6 Step Guide to Succeeding in the Stock Market. To learn more about Premiership Portfolio, visit www.premiershipportfolio.comlast_img read more

BDA engineer arrested for accepting Rs 5 crore bribe from IMA chief

first_imgMohammed Mansoor Khan, MD and CEO of IMA groupFacebookThe Special Investigation Team (SIT) has arrested an executive engineer of Bengaluru Development Authority (BDA), PD Kumar Nayak, for his involvement in the IMA scam. Several documents related to the case were also seized from his residence. Kumar, 52, was arrested based on an audio clip released by the director of IMA, Mohammed Mansoor Khan, which claimed that he had accepted Rs 5 crore as a bribe for promising a loan of Rs 200 crore. Arrested under the Karnataka Protection of Interests of Depositors in Financial Establishments (KPID) Act, 2004, Kumar was later produced before the court. Accepting the charges on him, Kumar reportedly told the investigating officers that Khan had met him to sanction a loan in order to overcome the financial crisis. “He knew that I had contacts in the revenue and other government departments, so Khan sought my help to meet officials who could help him get the loan. I said it would come at a cost and took Rs 4 crore from him. I spent some of it,” Kumar said, reported TOI.The SIT sleuths raided Kumar for disproportionate assets after they found that he owned two houses in Bengaluru and Davanagere apart from commercial complexes at JP Nagar and Harapanahalli in Davanagere. They also seized Rs 2 lakh in cash from his residence.SIT chief BR Ravikanthe Gowda said that they have enough proof to link Kumar with Khan and have seized documents which reveal that he had taken money.last_img read more

4 killed 85 missing after quake rocks Taiwan

first_imgRescue workers block off the area to search for survivors outside a building which tilted to one side after its foundation collapsed in Hualien after a strong 6.4-magnitude quake rocked eastern Taiwan early on Wednesday. Photo: AFP Rescuers combed through the rubble of collapsed buildings on Wednesday, some using their hands as they searched for about 85 people missing after a strong earthquake killed at least four near the popular Taiwanese tourist city of Hualien overnight.The magnitude 6.4 quake, which hit near the coastal city just before midnight (1600 GMT) on Tuesday, also injured 243 people, officials said. The latest figures from government data indicated 85 people were missing.Many of those were believed to be still trapped inside buildings, some of which were tilting precariously, after the quake hit about 22 km (14 miles) northeast of Hualien on Taiwan’s east coast.Two people were trapped inside a badly damaged hotel. The injured included mainland Chinese, Czech, Japanese, Singaporean and South Korean nationals.Aftershocks with a magnitude of at least 5.0 could rock the island in the next two weeks, the government said. Smaller tremors rattled nervous residents throughout the day.Residents waited and watched anxiously as emergency workers dressed in fluorescent orange and red suits and wearing helmets searched for residents trapped in apartment blocks.Hualien is home to about 100,000 people. Its streets were buckled by the force of the quake, with around 40,000 homes left without water and around 1,900 without power. Water supply had returned to nearly 5,000 homes by noon (0400 GMT), while power was restored to around 1,700 households.DAMAGE, PANICEmergency workers surrounded a damaged residential building in the area. Windows had collapsed and the building was wedged into the ground at a 40-degree angle.Rescuers worked their way around and through the building while residents looked on from behind cordoned-off roads. Others spoke of the panic when the earthquake struck.”We were still open when it happened,” said Lin Ching-wen, who operates a restaurant near a damaged military hospital.”I grabbed my wife and children and we ran out and tried to rescue people,” he said.A Reuters video showed large cracks in the road, while police and emergency services tried to help anxious people roaming the streets. A car sat submerged in rubble as rescue workers combed through the ruins of a nearby building.President Tsai Ing-wen went to the scene of the quake early on Wednesday to help direct rescue operations.”The president has asked the cabinet and related ministries to immediately launch the ‘disaster mechanism’ and to work at the fastest rate on disaster relief work,” Tsai’s office said in a statement.Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Co, the world’s largest contract chipmaker and major Apple supplier, said initial assessments indicated no impact from the earthquake.Taiwan, a self-ruled island that China considers part of its territory, lies near the junction of two tectonic plates and is prone to earthquakes. An earthquake with a magnitude of 6.1 struck nearby on Sunday.More than 100 people were killed in a quake in southern Taiwan in 2016, and some Taiwanese remain scarred by a 7.6 magnitude quake that was felt across the island and killed more than 2,000 people in 1999.last_img read more

Quader suffers heart attack while undergoing treatment

first_imgRoad transport and bridges minister Obaidul Quader. File PhotoRoad transport and bridges minister Obaidul Quader on Sunday suffered a heart attack while undergoing treatment, said BSMMU vice chancellor Kanak Kanti Barua.Obaidul Quader, also general secretary of Awami League, was admitted to the Coronary Care Unit (CCU) of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujib Medical University (BSMMU) in the morning following his breathing complications, reports UNB.BSMMU’s cardiology department chairman Syed Ali Ahsan said they found three blocks in the arteries leading to his heart and used a coronary stent to treat that.The condition has improved but nothing can be said before 72 hours, he added.Information minister Hasan Mahmud on Sunday said preparations are going on to send Obaidul Quader to Singapore for better medical treatment.The minister said this while talking to newsmen at BSMMU after visiting Obaidul Quader.Earlier, Abu Naser, senior public relation officer of roads and highways division of the ministry, said Obaidul Quader complained of breathing problems after Fajr prayers.He was taken to the BSMMU.Quader’s personal secretary Gautam Chandra said the minister was admitted to the CCU of the hospital around 8:30am.He said a medical board, led by BSMMU vice chancellor professor Kanak Kanti Barua, has been formed for the treatment of the minister.The board said Quader might be taken abroad for better treatment.last_img read more

Wii 2 has Bluray will outperform PS3

first_imgA couple of days ago we reported that Nintendo is expected to drop the price of the Wii to $149.99 on May 15. The rumor was backed up by an internal price list from KMart stating the same price drop on three console bundles.At the time we thought it strange that Nintendo would cut the price only a few weeks before E3 started. However, that may be a key decision because multiple sources are now expecting a Wii 2 announcement by Nintendo during E3.Suggestions that a Wii 2 would bring Nintendo’s hardware up to the same level as the 360 and PS3 may also be doing Nintendo an injustice. According to Eurogamer, Nintendo is potentially going to surprise everyone by going after the hardcore gamer market and producing a seriously powerful machine well beyond what the ageing Xbox 360 and PS3 can achieve.In order to produce a machine that outperforms a PS3 it may have to borrow a component from its competitor’s machine. It is being suggested the Wii 2 will include a Blu-ray drive because it is the only disc format capable of holding enough data to support a HD game on the scale Nintendo has planned.Read more at Blu-ray.com and EurogamerMatthew’s OpinionAll of this is rumor and speculation, but Nintendo do like to go against expectations and now the family market has been captured it makes sense for Nintendo to go after hardcore gamers again.The PS3, the last next-gen console to be released will be 5 years old this November. Producing a machine that outperforms it isn’t going to be difficult. And with the rate at which processor power use has come down while GPU power has increased, I doubt Nintendo need to spend a lot or produce a bulky console with which to achieve serious performance.Many may look at the Blu-ray drive inclusion and scoff that Nintendo would never use a rival’s tech (as Microsoft has). But Blu-ray is not just a Sony product and it is the only disc format to choose if you want a low-cost high capacity solution at the moment.So while I was really not that interested in the Wii 2 thinking it may just be a HD-capable update, I am now intrigued and a little bit excited about E3 and an announcement. Nintendo catering to the hardcore market with a powerhouse of a machine? Yes please!last_img read more

Scan a Windows PC for Long Path issues

first_imgScan a Windows PC for Long Path issues by Martin Brinkmann on August 04, 2017 in Software – Last Update: July 17, 2017 – 9 commentsWindows users may run into so-called long path issues when a path exceeds the maximum length of 260 characters.It is quite easy to run into the issue. Maybe by connecting a Flash drive that you use on Linux for the most part — which does not have this limit — or by trying to extract an archive that is so deep in terms of directory structure, that you will end up hitting the limit.While there are ways around this, for instance by renaming directories or by using the Long Path Fixer Tool for Windows, it may be useful sometimes to scan a system for long path issues to fix them asap.Too Long Paths DetectorToo Long Paths Detector is a free open source program for Microsoft Windows that you may run to scan for issues related to too long paths on Windows.The program is provided as a 32-bit and 64-bit portable version that you can run from any location. The program does not require elevated privileges, and is pretty bare bones.The application displays a prompt on start that gives you two choices: run the scan by selecting a root folder, or scan all drives connected to the PC at the time.Once you have made the decision, you are asked to select a character limit. The default is 200, and the author recommends to pick a limit that is below the maximum.Too Long Paths Detector scans the selected folder structure or all drives on the system afterwards. It places an icon in the system tray area that you may interact with to suspend the operation or exit the program.It saves the information to a log file which it opens automatically once the scan finishes. The log file lists all folder and file paths that exceed the selected character limit. The limit is displayed in front of each folder, but the data is not sorted.Tip: increase the character limit if you get too many results to narrow them down.Too Long Paths Detector finds paths that are too long, but it is not designed to do anything about them. You need other tools, like the aforementioned Long Path Fixer for that.VerdictToo Long Paths Detector is a handy administrative tool to quickly check locations or entire systems for long path violations. The program is as easy to use as it gets, but could use some nice to have features such as a sorted log file in the end or maybe an option to export the data to a csv file for further processing.Now You: What do you do when you run into long path issues?Summary12345 Author Rating4 based on 4 votes Software Name Too Long Paths DetectorOperating System WindowsSoftware Category AdministrationLanding Page http://tlpd.sourceforge.net/ Advertisementlast_img read more