Xining north of the city all the trees for the Sen Sen Tim Green

north of the city of Xining Duocuobingju set off a nationwide voluntary tree planting and roadside, riverside, the edge of the field, the side of the mountain quadrilateral green tide, and the salt Xiaoyou Zhuang and Beishan Mountains area, 2 mu Zhuling green years of returning farmland to forest replanting planting, the city streets and parks, square planting green color into the scope of action of all range of planting green color to create national forest city force.

The use of the opportunity of planting area read more

The municipal Party committee to four strengthening four guarantees to promote the comprehensive ma

The municipal Party committee as the city comprehensive management of the member units, "for tomorrow, the prevention of juvenile delinquency project as the carrier, with" four strengthening, four guarantees "full participation in the comprehensive management of social security and peace building, in safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of young people, promote social harmony and stability in the active exploration and attempt, some achievements

city municipal Party committee as the comprehensive management of the member units, "for tomorrow, the prevention of juvenile delinquency project as the carrier, with" four strengthening, four guarantees "full participation in the comprehensive management of social security and peace building, in safeguarding the legitimate rights and interests of young people, and promote social harmony and stability in the active exploration and attempt, some achievements. read more

Xining cultural tourism industry investment to achieve new breakthroughs

Xining cultural tourism industry investment to achieve new breakthroughs. The first Xining city investment will sign a cultural project 23, involving an investment of $2 billion 408 million yuan, tourism projects, involving an investment of up to $9 billion 900 million in the amount of $51. The success of these key projects will be a solid foundation for the rapid development of cultural tourism industry in Xining.

To carry out national day activities in our province

May 15th is the twenty-sixth national day operations, according to the State Council "on the twenty-sixth National Day activities of the notice" this year, the provincial federations in order to "care for orphans and disabled children, let love down to the earth" as the theme of "National Day" period to carry out a series of key activities.

during the event, the provincial Party committee and government leaders to the relevant institutions in Qinghai Province, Xining rehabilitation of the disabled employment center to visit condolences to the orphans and disabled children and disabled workers. The Justice Department, the provincial federations organization legal workers in the city of Xining, Haidong city children’s Welfare Institute in "law on the protection of minors" as the theme of the propaganda popularization of legal knowledge to carry out activities to popularize legal knowledge for disabled children, safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of disabled children. The provincial Civil Affairs Department, CDPF province conducted a survey of disabled children adult basic living conditions, help to implement the urban and rural adult orphans and disabled children, health care, pension and other social security policy, the poor disabled living allowance and severe disabilities living care subsidies to help them to enjoy. Provincial CDPF to the province’s 46 counties (autonomous regions, municipalities, Municipal Committee) free of disability assistive devices 20000, the province’s 0-6 year old disabled children screening, evaluation and rehabilitation services. Provincial Department of finance, the provincial health and Family Planning Commission, the Provincial Federation of disabled Province in 12th Five-Year, during the implementation of rehabilitation programs for children with disabilities to carry out inspection, visit. read more

To the city of happiness into the Xining people also a clear mother river

Rural informatization narrowing the distance of farmers

Click on the mouse to obtain information on agricultural products, from time to time as well as science and Technology Commissioner to push all kinds of information, the province’s rural information technology has achieved practical results, so that farmers leave home to the experts inquiry into reality.

The world’s longest plateau high speed rail tunnel through

consists of China eighteen Railway Construction Bureau Group Construction of the high-speed railway tunnel in high altitude area the world’s longest Lanzhou Railway Passenger Dedicated Line Dabanshan tunnel through 13 days.

Dabanshan tunnel length of 15918 meters, is located in Qinghai Province, Datong Hui and Tu Autonomous County and county territory of Menyuan Hui Autonomous Daban mountain area, the altitude of 3000 meters to 4200 meters, crossing the Dabanshan mountain peak, is the first passenger dedicated line of Lanzhou Xinjiang Railway Tunnel, the plateau is the world’s longest high-speed railway tunnel. read more

Qinghai bachelor degree above 50%

The reporter learned from the Provincial Bureau of statistics, the province entrepreneur culture to continuously improve the quality of the province in 2015, according to the enterprise innovation survey, the province’s survey of entrepreneurs, entrepreneurs, undergraduate education accounted for the highest, reaching 50.5%; college degree entrepreneurs accounted for 35.4%; the master’s and doctoral degree entrepreneurs accounted for 5.3%.

Special difficulties families will be temporary relief

In December 31, 2015, the Xining municipal Party committee secretary Wang Xiao chaired the Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee meeting examined and adopted the "opinions" on the Xining city to do this winter and spring special hardship families temporary relief work, in order to effectively solve the urban and rural masses of sudden, urgency, temporary basic living difficulties, to achieve accurate, precise helping rescue. Interim relief payment in January 31, 2016 before the full payment in place.It is reported that the

, the issuance of temporary assistance including, where has Xining residence or residence permit holders of non city residence households or individuals, the face of emergencies, accidental injury, serious illness and other special reasons for basic living temporarily serious difficulties can enjoy. The key to help low-income urban and rural areas, urban and rural, rural five, orphans, severe disabilities and key special difficulties such as family or individual.

standard for relief: living in difficult family due to serious illness, the other reimbursement, assistance and relief measures, when the cumulative pay medical expenses 30 thousand yuan, the highest 5000 yuan relief; self pay medical expenses 30 thousand yuan -5 yuan, the highest 10 thousand yuan relief; pay medical expenses 50 thousand yuan -8 million yuan, the highest 15000 yuan relief; self pay medical expenses of more than 80 thousand yuan, the highest 20 thousand yuan relief. Due to fire, traffic accidents (no liability or responsibility without compensation ability) and other accidents caused by difficulties in the family insurance, assistance and relief measures, personal expenditure of 30 thousand yuan, the highest 5000 yuan relief; spending 30 thousand yuan -5 yuan, the highest 10 thousand yuan relief spending 50 thousand yuan; -8 million yuan, the highest 15000 yuan relief; spending more than 80 thousand yuan, the highest 20 thousand yuan relief. Because of their children to school led to difficulties in the family, after a variety of rescue measures to help the basic life is still difficult to maintain, the maximum relief of 5000 yuan. For families that have been rescued but still have special difficulties, after the approval of the people’s Government of the District People’s government, the number of assistance can be increased properly.

the temporary relief of the examination and approval procedures for needy families or individuals eligible for the rescue plan to the local people’s Government of township (street offices) to apply; the people’s Government of a township (street offices) are responsible for the temporary relief for the audit work of the family, the audit work in the village (neighborhood) of the Commission under the assistance, in accordance with the conditions of the live in the village (neighborhood committees) needed publicity, publicity without objection after the expiration of 7 days at the County Civil Affairs Bureau for examination and approval; the County Civil Affairs Bureau received the people’s Government of a township (street offices) to submit the audit opinions after verification within 10 working days to complete the examination and approval procedures, and through bank loans. Aid in more than 10 thousand yuan, the County Civil Affairs Bureau shall make a decision of the people’s government must be reported to the county before consent; if the case is urgent, the County Civil Affairs Bureau should start the emergency rescue procedures, simplifying approval procedures, in conjunction with the people’s Government of a township (Street offices) to accept direct application, approval, first payment, go through the formalities of direct way provide timely assistance to needy families.   read more

Xining municipal Party Committee Organization Department for the first time this year the timely im

in order to improve the non-public economic organizations and social organizations of the party organization party construction work, Xining municipal Party Committee Organization Department "for the city’s non-public economic organizations and social organizations of Party organization free subscription party publication in 2012 as one of the tangible things. Raise funds for the city’s 350 non-public economic organizations and 38 Party Social Party organizations subscribe to the party, to the grassroots party organizations and Party members to send "spiritual food". read more

Xining eight is strictly prohibited to ensure the integrity of the holiday

August 26th, the Xining Municipal Commission for Discipline Inspection issued a "Circular on strengthening" during the mid autumn day of self-discipline to work resolutely correct public dinners and other unwholesome tendencies, required to do during the mid autumn day, two "honesty and self-discipline, Hensha unwholesome tendencies, delicate gas is creating a festive atmosphere.

notice that the various departments at all levels in the implementation of the central and provincial Party committee and relevant requirements on austerity and leading cadres of the provisions of self-discipline, should consciously abide by the eight prohibited: do not buy gift or accepting Moon Cake Festival ceremony with public funds; forbidden to use public funds to travel, eating or entertain each other, otherwise, happen the costs borne by individuals, will be given to the party warning, administrative warning and punishment; prohibited accepting illegal gifts gift certificates, securities and payment vouchers, for various reasons failed to reject, should take the initiative to pay, not submitted on time or report, given the party warning, administrative warning and punishment prohibited all above; nominal spamming allowances, subsidies, bonuses and kind; forbidden to subordinate organs, enterprises and institutions such as transfer, apportion, reimbursement of fees With the offender, ordered to lay off error correction, and give the main leaders and responsible party warning, administrative warning and punishment; prohibited access to private clubs or high consumption of recreational activities; non Gongjusiyong and leading cadres without driving the bus, the bus during the festival to seriously implement the archive suspended system, the offender, given the party warning, administrative warning and above dispose of; prohibited by the weddings and funerals, housewarming took office, the children of the machine studies dacaodaban, took the opportunity to extort money, causing adverse effects in violation of the provisions, ordered to return the receipt of the goods, depending on the circumstances given the party warning, administrative warning and punishment above. read more

Xining City Bureau of transportation to carry out six to six games to create flyover boutique constr

to conscientiously implement the spirit of service management planning and construction of the municipal government with the fine, chuangxianzhengyou labor contest, fully mobilize the cadres and workers, technicians and managers enthusiasm, in the bridge construction project of the initiative and creativity, quicken the construction progress of the project, and strive to build a number of pedestrian bridges "quality engineering" and "model projects" and "clean project". Xining municipal transportation bureau Party committee, decided to carry out the six to six games activities in the flyover bridge construction projects to build flyover boutique construction projects. read more

Xining insurance to expand the intensity of nearly 100 thousand students to participate in medical i

in October 26th from the Xining municipal labor and Social Security Bureau, according to the municipal government in August 26th issued the "on notice" to participate in medical insurance for urban residents in the city’s primary and secondary infant spirit, I stepped up to the student insurance the expansion efforts, as of now the city has a total of nearly 100 thousand students participated in the urban residents health insurance.

Since the

to carry out the work of the city’s urban residents medical insurance, medical security level increased year by year, the number of insured residents also increased rapidly, but my primary and middle school students and infant residents to participate in Medicare enrollment rate of less than 35%, the participation rate is low, the municipal government issued a document specifically, requiring all schools and kindergartens in non residents to participate in Medicare the children shall organize students to participate in commercial medical insurance, the city labor and social security department and the Municipal Finance and civil affairs and education departments to implement linkage mechanism, ensure that the students participating work smoothly. In September 20th, the city in the first time H1N1 influenza coverage, so that the parents understand the insurance payment procedures and medical insurance benefits, improve the urban residents especially the parents of students participating actively. According to statistics, the number of college students to participate in the city’s health insurance for 28315 people, the insured rate has reached 50%, the number of primary and secondary schools and infant insurance for the number of people, an increase over the same period last year, an increase of more than 70 thousand. Municipal Social Security Bureau official told reporters, from the current figures, the social security work of students still have potential to expand, they will continue to promote the work of students. read more

Huangyuan to honor the first small micro Hotel support funds

November 15th, the reporter learned from the Tourism Department of Huangyuan County, Huangyuan County, the county’s first small and micro hotel to support the funds, run ho hall to get a total of 630 thousand yuan of funds to support. Located in the province’s tourism gold line Huangyuan special geographical location, the territory of many tourist attractions, every tourist season, accommodation is difficult to become a major bottleneck in the development of local tourism. In order to optimize the structure of the lodging industry, increase the number of beds supply, alleviate the tourist season accommodation and other difficult issues, Huangyuan county to study and formulate the "on supporting the development of small and micro Hotel" implementation plan of Huangyuan County, the strong support of a number of family hotel opening preparation. Up to now, Huangyuan County, the first trial registration of small and micro hotel has reached 14, the opening of the formalities for the operation of small and micro hotels up to 7, to enhance the Huangyuan tourism service reception capacity. (author: Zhao Junjie) read more

How to prevent entrepreneurial cheated

a lot of examples of entrepreneurial failure tells us that not every profitable project is suitable for investment. Choose the venture itself there is a risk, in the way of entrepreneurship will inevitably encounter some problems, we should first prevent cheating. Here are some examples of successful entrepreneurial summary:


read more

College entrance examination approaching expert weapon for candidates and parents decompression

look too high, excessive protection, deliberately avoided the topic of college entrance examination…… College entrance examination approaching, many parents and candidates like anxiety, how to relieve yourself? June 4th, the reporter specially invited psychological experts for candidates and parents decompression weapon.

performance: anxiety insomnia

weapon: do listeners do not guide

near the college entrance examination, the public Ms. Wang and the children began to insomnia. The child has been in the middle and upper grades, but the last two simulation test results more ups and downs, the child becomes very nervous, has been adjusted." To this end, she and the children are insomnia. read more

Huangyuan to strengthen supervision of agricultural market

With the advent of spring production, agricultural market is also increasingly active. To ensure that farmers use assured agricultural means of production, production and sale of counterfeit and shoddy agricultural kengnonghainong behavior crackdown, Huangyuan County Industrial and Commercial Bureau arrangements early, early deployment, early action to strengthen supervision, strictly regulate agricultural markets.

in order to ensure the safety of farmers with the use of agricultural products, Huangyuan County Trade and Industry Bureau held a special meeting on agricultural counterfeiting before the Spring Festival, the full deployment of agricultural counterfeiting and market supervision. To strengthen the inspection and supervision of fine division, sources, reserves, etc. the quality of agricultural organization of law enforcement personnel to ascertain the area of agricultural commodities, regulate agricultural commodity purchase channels, agricultural operators to establish detailed requirements, into the sales ledger and keep regular bills. The sampling inspection of agricultural production and the farmers are closely linked fertilizers, seeds, pesticides, agricultural and other key materials, on-site signature confirmation sample for display. For enterprises and individuals to apply for operating the new fertilizer, pesticides, seeds, in its application for registration, business registration pre-approval project in strict accordance with the standards, to inform the applicant of the registration of related industries. (author: Zhang Haihu) read more

After the expansion of convenient million mo old wooden bridge road will be honorable retirement

In October 18th, Datong Street renovation project officially started, during Datong Street, Mo Road, the old wooden bridge will be dismantled. Comply with the needs of urban development, the old wooden bridge after several expansion, after 70 years of wind and rain, will soon be glorious retirement, will be replaced by a man, the car can be a modern bridge.

from the wooden bridge to the old wooden bridge

there is a river, there will be a bridge. Xining city building in Nanchuan River on the old wooden bridge is the "birth". Today the old wooden bridge is a form of exquisite bridges, become a good place for public recreation. Mr. Yang Wensheng, a 71 year old local historian, said the bridge was a witness to the changes in Xining. read more

Community correction personnel re crime risk assessment pilot project started

April 7th, the central government in 2015 to support social organizations to participate in social service projects – Community Corrections personnel re crime risk assessment pilot projects in the province officially launched. The project aims to be non imprisonment punishment and quasi parole offenders and included in the measurement, analysis and judgment of the community correction inmates community risk indicators, classification management and stages of their education, to promote the work of community correction standardized and scientific, and ultimately to prevent and reduce crimes again, promote social harmony. read more