Walking the kitchen how to use the nternet thinking 5 months to run the farm 100

5 months, using the Internet thinking to operate the 100 farms, my name is Shao Zhengjia, from the kitchen production team walking.


won the October Zhejiang province entrepreneurial wealth contest prize 2, walking in the kitchen has gradually surfaced, the major provinces and cities by the media reports, many people in China know such a struggle for agriculture in the first line of the Internet business team, a lot of people are not optimistic, but we are really doing, thinking of using the Internet the management of Hangzhou City home to 10 large and medium-sized agricultural base, flower base, fishing grounds, help them to open up the Internet market, with authentic products, lower than the market price, the ultimate interactive experience to the user. These farms add up to more than 1 lines of water every year, we hope to use the model in the next year in the operation of the kitchen to operate each of the 100 origin. read more

U S host Lunarpages to enhance the competitiveness of the Chinese market snatch

Lunarpages with a good reputation and breakthrough sales, foreign trade market leader always holds the throne, Lunarpages in order to further consolidate its dominant position in the host product comprehensive optimization, adhere to innovation, not only to enhance the comprehensive competitiveness, but also let the market gains more popularity.

top data center access speed class

LunarPages host strong stability, by the number of evaluation agencies listed as the first, it has the world’s top data center, most of the countries in the United States and the international access speed is very fast, very suitable for the building of foreign trade website. But even in China, the host access speed is excellent, and the domestic virtual host access speed difference, also can overcome the problem of slow domestic telecommunications network visits, therefore, customers for the domestic LunarPages virtual host is also very suitable. In addition, Lunarpages host also provides DDOS hardware protection and backup services every week, high security is also an important reason for the LunarPages host to gallop in the international market. read more

The domain name Tw Hk reached the domestic Chinese also can register

recently, Beijing Xinnet Digital Information Technology Co. Ltd. initiated in the English.TW domain name registration frenzy, becoming the first in English.TW can provide domain name registration services. The new network launched a series of new domain names, including Chinese.Hk, English.Hk and Chinese.Biz five categories. So far, the new network can provide users with.Cn,.Com,.Net,.Cc,.Org,.Tv and other dozens of domain name registration services, has become the current domestic product lines to provide the most complete service provider. read more

Group purchase industry integrity frequently questioned the business behavior norms

recently Gaopeng sales of fake Tissot event by individual media coverage, the final Gaopeng responded that the event source to provide false qualification information in the business, resulting in a false statement on the shelves. Because of this incident, Gaopeng also brought to the public limelight, integrity of group purchase website once again become the focus of the industry.

integrity torture buy industry

in fact, since the establishment of the group buying site, the integrity issue has been widely referred to. From the logistics to the service, from the platform to the business, consumers can enjoy the desired shopping experience directly affect the integrity of the site to buy evaluation. 0 yuan lottery, the zero Wanli travel packages refund difficult, not easy to pay money to see quality cooperation, executive acquiescence and prompt selling…… Over the past two years, the Group buy site, the phenomenon of bad faith in an endless stream, but also to the original hot lively industry cast a shadow. read more

Happy to buy the electricity supplier is not normal cross border electricity

Abstract: TV shopping, one at the beginning of twenty-first Century as the derivative as popular concept, has now become a hearing will make people at a distance. Because of that word, we can think only those in a fixed period of time will only repeat scam "spam", and "at all as long as 998". Recently, just landed the Shenzhen stock exchange is known as the "TV shopping first" happy announced the purchase of cross-border electricity providers to enter, let this industry has long been out of sight again surfaced. read more

Bezos is not afraid of offending suppliers consumers with me

The friction between

technology news and Tencent although book suppliers and film producers to let Amazon loss of some commodities, but the company founder and CEO Geoff Bezos (Jeff Bezos) or a consumer on Amazon and Prime convenient shopping express service dependence can help the company prevail in the negotiations in the dispute.

23 year old Paul S (Paul Shi) consumers in New York two years ago to subscribe to Amazon Prime courier service, he often in the Amazon to buy flip flops and second-hand books and other merchandise. What Paul said, Amazon with large publishers Hachette book group (Hachette Book Group) and the friction between the media company Walter Disney did not affect his buying habits. read more

Dark horse Yahoo community graphic two product line over the same period


Hello everyone!

following Yahoo information products in the dark horse Alliance on the 3 day of this month on the line, won numerous praise. Then Yahoo, the other two new products (community and pictures) also in today’s grand launch wildly beating gongs and drums.

YAHOO graphic China is made up of time, geography, theme, three latitude, all the content provided by the user, a full range of three-dimensional reflection of the real world in our eyes. It’s a community built by ourselves! read more

Beijing’s first housing congregation drop 79 seconds a fastest record

the morning of October 21st 10, "from the congregation of Beijing Railway Station first project to raise public – – the ideal Bay Hongkun officially opened grab, 79 seconds to refresh the housing completed at once, raise public record, becoming the fastest to complete the project to raise public. The congregation raised houses for the ideal Bay – Hongkun a flat 88 small Sanju, open 20 minutes before and after the registration page hits broken five thousand. According to the event revealed that, in addition to the success of the 380 people outside the registration, the public to miss the real estate buyers, but also to participate in the activities of the 45% off grab. read more

20 million take new pan OL expedition total generation cards right

April 28th, Guangzhou new Fanlian Digital Technology Co., Ltd. to 20 million high first product "network from glacier expedition OL" national card distributor.
is amazing, 20 million price, bought a is in beta during the domestic online games Dianka national distributor, is not too risky?
"OL" positioning for the expedition beautiful Xian Xia online games, with the vast age of gods after the war as the background, the world outlook is very clear. Many game player in the game, enjoy a in ancient times through time and space, the fantasy adventure. More than and 40 different styles of beautiful map, game player can not spend one minute will be able to explore aesthetic realm of misty. While the game in dozens of innovative gameplay features of the system: three fight passion PK, 100 Gang melee King tournament, chaos Wu conference, catch the pet system, antique wedding system…… In the interpretation of the aesthetic, hot PK game concept, to give players a unique gaming experience! Since the
since April 1st opening edge edge online, "OL" expedition online number continues to rise, the district continues to open up, the upcoming May Day holiday on the occasion (May 1st 14:00 PM), "OL" open again two expedition group million new service – Telecom, Netcom [] [] the best battle! At the same time, the official launch of six colorful activities, carrying millions of high ceremony: IPAD PSP, CJ notebook, tickets, massive Q coins, calls and so on!
        at 20 million, the glacier network not crazy! The new pan Federation is not crazy! After all, expedition OL is currently rising rapidly, becoming one of the few experts in the industry quite promising.
lightning for more details please click: http://s.yz.szgla.com/news/show.html? Rid=717 read more

GET2016 Video debut poly Weishi live for online education

high-profile education industry Festival GET 2016 conference countdown stage of tension, as the video cloud service providers of domestic leading technology and the only focus of online education, will attend the meeting VISIA poly. The forum in the afternoon of November 11th on the theme of educational technology, poly CEO Xiaofang Xie will be how to use the Internet to share video technology in online education, the future education of the new +VR online learning experience, fully decrypted integration of cloud video technology and online education way. In addition, the same field and the relaxation sound science and technology, education, etc. all future factory is a technology star enterprise, gathered a large coffee, dry cargo exciting highlights. read more

Online shopping PC is still the main force


title is a news headline. The news is that although the business platform and retail companies are very optimistic about the mobile Internet, overweight mobile providers, but according to the American e-commerce report data solutions provider Monetate provides: more than 70% of the online shopping source of traffic on the PC side, and the sum of the flow tablet and smart mobile phone is still less than 30%. Online shopping turnover PC port is the sum of the flat and mobile ports, PC port single spending amount is greater than tablet PCs and smart phones. read more

Electricity supplier last chance is also the beginning of the demise of the electricity supplier

a few days ago, this theme made a micro-blog, then received a number of DMS and QQ, are in doubt: how can business disappear? Therefore, I began to write an article explaining brewing. At first I wondered: why most people do not look at the first half of the sentence "business opportunities", and pay more attention to the disappearance of the electricity supplier problem? Think about it through, a lot of people are targeting the broader Internet zone, see how many unknown small achievements of the miracle business, think about now is jealous! More people want to use a cavity blood, interconnected network to capture more fish! But this time, I come to a "business." at the beginning, how frightening? read more

Groupon acquisition of 24 coupons truth it was just a flicker

September 13th news today, the domestic group buying site has not been a significant cooling trend. It should even group purchase financing, originator Groupon are not expected. The handle network, the U.S. group, F group and group purchase website announced after obtaining financing before the 24 ticket CEO Du Yinan said in an interview, 24 tickets in December of last year and Groupon contact, "from their angel investors to senior management, we have talked to all keep in touch." On the acquisition of funds, Du Yinan told the media, I can only say that on this matter, it does exist, but the acquisition of funds is not convenient to disclose." read more

How to avoid fake goods in the electronic business platform

recently about fake occur frequently in the electronic business platform, consumers often believe that online shopping has already acquired a pair of piercing eye, buy fake or does not match the description of products and I am not a two time in the electronic business platform, although the return process, it also a waste of time, waste the worry about the money, or use the time not. That should be avoided in the electronic business platform to buy fake it?

one, in the formal platform to buy

if you already trust or friends often use the platform can (at this time WeChat circle of friends products depends on your relationship with the friend before the), such as Taobao’s Tmall, Taobao in product prices is uneven, the difference is very big, but a single brush is like very serious, confused by the false can often be seen, so buy something at the Tmall store, the price is reasonable and there are many conditions to make fake settled, if you still want to see more of you can to each big supermarket business platform to see, for example: BBK cloud: monkey network, Darunfa: Flying Cow net, Yonghui Supermarket: app, Renrenle Yonghui micro shop: big business: online music network, friends of the a Tengu: Friends of art collection and so on, of course, you can also go to the Amazon, jumei.com, Jingdong (China), shop No. 1, The United States, where to fly around the network, in short, all with personal online shopping habits. read more

Domain name service provider exposes the industry insider users face layers of traps

A lot of

to the registered domain name of Internet users will find a strange thing, I want a very simple and easy to remember domain name query has not been registered, but once when I submit the application for registration when was told that the domain name has been registered. Very frustrating.

When the

query, some small enrolled agents leave your query records, feel good he registered." Has been engaged in the domain name registration services of Mr. Gao on the Financial Times reporter revealed that he introduced, to achieve this monitoring is easy, as long as the domain name query procedures plus a few lines of code becomes." read more

Murong wood how to do electricity supplier

with the depth of the development of the Internet, people’s life and work are increasingly dependent on the Internet, which promote the development of e-commerce, many enterprises are in the water and electricity provider to open up their own Internet empire, but if you do the electronic commerce is not so simple, this paper is mainly to do the electricity supplier, we talk about how to locate and how customers to.

first, the positioning of the electricity supplier

1, the main thing to do, for customers to solve any problems read more

The characteristics of successful e commerce websites

a successful e-commerce website should have what kind of characteristics, how to become the king of the network marketing in many websites, today I have some personal experience: a personal view.

1 website design specialization, commercialization. To analyze from the angle of network marketing, can bring profit to the enterprise site are sick, a website on the Internet to profit, not only to strive for a better search engine rankings, more important is the website design must be professional and commercial, if your target customer enters your website in 30 seconds. Your website is not winning, it’s trust, so you may lose 80% of the potential customers. Your website will win the trust of customers, will give customers a feeling that you are a very strong strength, in reality, just move to the Internet. If the customer does not find a quick and effective contact within 2 minutes, you may lose your client by about $70%. Now a lot of enterprise web site contact us is a e-mail, there is still time for customers to send you an e-mail, waiting for your reply? read more

Alipay AP charges on behalf of the balance of the direct debit


] April 8th news billion state power network, the number of calls to implement the API poly spire charges, Alipay launched for the third party service provider service in the days before withholding fees, the balance is the service provider in the Alipay account, in the settlement date of automatic deduction.

currently in service providers landing poly spire API bill recharge page, Alipay has quietly added withhold button. Service providers can be opened in the service, bound Alipay account, and in accordance with the agreement, the daily settlement will be deducted directly from the Alipay account. read more

A toilet time death of a beauty

A toilet paper

in a fast and easy to buy will soon run out, want to fast and easy to buy, suddenly found that "now Yi Xun has not previously been fast and easy, while still holding the banner of the electricity supplier, in fact already have changed!" the Internet business is constantly changing, and belongs to the fast and easy time, but is a put toilet paper time!

all the electricity supplier to enter the community, participate in Tencent easy fast after fine roots dig, seems to find the point of force! That is to do Internet supermarket, at the beginning of 2014, fast and easy in the QQ chat window advertising fierce momentum Meng, and the morning time "Dear XXX: Congratulations millet was not quick to select special offer……" At the beginning of this period is very hate pop ads, then finally granted, suddenly found in a boring day morning, click, easy fast 4 hours to do the very unique read more

biz domain name registration fees rose 7% since October

according to The Associated Press, in recent weeks, ".Com", ".Net", ".Org" and ".Info" domain name operators have announced that since mid October this year to improve the bulk registration price.

according to the new contract terms approved by ICANN (Internet domain name and address authority) last year, the domain name operator can improve the domain name registration fee

, but the annual increase of up to 10%, and must be announced in advance of 6 months. read more